Cadets for Christ and the Constitution

Dear Air Force Academy Staff,

Though not a member of the USAF or a graduate of the once prestigious Academy you now lead, I am a retired Marine, whose service included close personal ground combat. I still take my oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” very seriously. I would hope that you, as an active duty flag officer, would do so as well.

I have been extremely disturbed in recent years by the rise and spread of a movement of extremely radical elements of the religious far-right (known variously as Dominionists, Reconstructionists and other terms) to “religionize” the US Armed Forces as part of their plan to eventually control it and establish a theocracy in this nation, complete with their own Sharia-like “Biblical” laws – including public floggings, stoning, and swording of alleged “offenders” – who would include “blasphemers” adulterers, homosexuals, “incorrigible” juveniles, and (in a stunning demonstration of how insane these fanatical zealots really are) women wearing red dresses, and failure to keep a kosher kitchen!

While I firmly believe in freedom of conscience for all Americans, including service personnel, within the framework of the Constitution, applicable public law, and the UCMJ, this is and always has been a secular republic, albeit established by men who included Christians (as well as Deists, some Jews, and other beliefs). The increasingly overt attempts by these Dominionists and their fellow travelers to establish the US as a theocratic “Christian” nation are an egregious violation of the Constitution which clearly states:

“. . . no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article VI, Section III)

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .” (1st Amendment)

Please note that there is no mention of any deity, and the only mention of religion is that it shall not be used as a test for office, and that no religion shall be established, and that its free practice shall not be prohibited. I consider this clear and incontrovertible proof of the Founders’ intent – and unlike the Dominionists and their ilk, I do not believe that any Bronze Age (or other) beliefs or texts, no matter how many may follow them, trump our founding document.

ON the other hand, the Dominionist leaders have publicly advocated in speech and writing the overthrow of the Republic and Constitution, and the establishment of a theocracy. This is clearly treason!

The cult the Warricks are leading at the Academy is clearly one of the many Hydra-like heads of this dangerous group of radicals.

I use the term “cult” here because the Warricks are clearly teaching “Shepherding.” The founders (Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince, Don Basham, Ern Baxter, and John Poole) had taught their brain-washed thralls that to grow as a “disciples” of Christ, one must “submit” to a “shepherd.” This submission would mold the “disciple,” who would then recruit new converts. They stated that by spreading this “shepherding” worldwide they would eventually enable Christians to rule the world. (Again, treason.)

However, this cult movement has since been denounced by 4 of its founders as being false, unbiblical, and causing untold damage to those involved in it.

Bob Mumford made a “Formal Repentance Statement to the Body of Christ” in 1989 repudiating his involvement in the shepherding movement and asked forgiveness. He acknowledged that it had resulted in “perverse and unbiblical obedience” to leaders, and that “families had been severely disrupted and lives turned upside down.”

Derek Prince said, “We were guilty of the Galatian error: having begun in the Spirit, we quickly degenerated into the flesh.”

Basham and Baxter also repudiated the movement and their involvement, and left the ministry. (Both are now deceased.)

Even Pat Robertson, (not exactly a bastion of tolerance or liberality), stated in a memo to his CBN staff in 1975 “The so-called ‘submission-shepherding’ cult is vastly worse than anything I could have conceived of.” Robertson forbade the broadcast of all radio or television tapes that featured any person involved in the disciple/shepherding movement. He ordered all tapes featuring any of them erased immediately.

While Robertston’s condemnation seems somewhat like the pot calling the kettle black (especially given his own cult-like group and Dominionist tendencies, not to mention his lies about his military service, and involvement in the blood diamonds and gold trade in Africa), if someone that far to the right in terms of politics, religion, and sanity thinks these people are dangerous cultists, what should a normal person then conclude?

Some of the families of those these “Shepherds” inflicted this brain-washing on are still destroyed with no contact between family members. (At least one of your cadets, Ms. Bass, currently is estranged from her family by the brainwashing tactics of these lunatic cultists.)

“Shepherding” has caused innumerable emotional problems and division in families. It relegates women to servile status in the home, under total subjection to their husbands.

The tactics used, such as isolation from all other influences, self-criticism, etc., are derived from Communist brain-washing techniques and other behavior modification programs (something the Warricks specialize in). This in itself is highly questionable.

Most importantly, however, from a military perspective, it destroys unit morale and cohesion by creating a dangerous “them” and “us” mentality. The service member’s life is under the total control of their “Shepherd.” Instead of obeying the lawful orders given to the cadet by superiors acting in accordance with the rules and articles governing the Armed Forces of the United States, they ultimately follow the “guidance” of their “Shepherd.” This is clearly prejudicial to unit cohesion, morale, and good order as prescribed in the UCMJ.

We now have the insidious off-spring of a dangerous, mind-controlling, cult group, (similar to cults like the Moonies) which operates along Communist lines, and which, though denounced by its own founders and even the likes of Pat Robertson, are still spreading their poisonous creed at the Academy, apparently on the tax-payers’ dollar, and apparently with your approval.

While I grant that the cadets are adults and thus capable of making their own belief choices, the conditions of any college, which often puts a young person away from their home, families, and friends, tends to make them easier to manipulate – the more so when they are in an
military institution, with a strict obedience code and hierarchical order.

The basic tenets of the “Shepherding” movement used by the Warricks and all other Dominionist cults are inimical to the Constitution, and prejudicial to the governance of the Armed Forces in accordance with the Constitution and applicable laws and regulations.

If these people had any real honor or ethics (vice their vaunted religiosity), and they disagreed with the Constitution and the system, they would cast off their cloaks of secrecy, resign from the Armed Forces, and let the public see them as they really are. Instead they worm their way deeper into the military and political woodwork in secret, creating networks, illegally influencing promotions and assignments, and all manner of other illegal and unconstitutional activities.

How did these dangerous cultists get permission to go on bases and teach their warped version of Christianity – especially at The Air Force Academy? How did they circumvent the laws governing chaplains? How many “Shepherds” or other dangerous cults are at the Academy and elsewhere in the military?

These, sir, are questions that I would like answered – and I would wager that there are many other veterans and citizens who would like to know as well.

When you first came to the Academy, I was encouraged by your promising words about cleaning up the already noxious situation there, and your initial actions, such as giving Pagans a place they could use as a worship center. I was encouraged that you would clean house on these dangerous radicals, and establish a school where all personnel would have the freedom of conscience guaranteed by the Constitution.

I knew at the time that it would be a huge and on-going task, similar to Heracles’ labor of cleaning the Augean Stables. However, though some of your first steps were encouraging, in recent months, it has seemed that you have either been stymied by, or have caved in to the forces that face you. That is lamentable.

However, I ask you to examine the situation, and make a command decision to uphold your oath, and rid the Academy of the Warricks and other warped religious zealots who are subverting the Constitution, and the good order and discipline of the Armed Forces of the United States. You are required to do so by your oath to the Constitution and all applicable laws and regulations thereunder. Do your duty, sir, or, if you cannot or will not, or your loyalty is not to our Federal Republic and its Constitution, but to some other entity, do the honorable thing and resign your commission.

Meantime, I have contacted my federal representatives on this matter, asking them to examine it. I have also taken the liberty of CCing CFAS GEN Norton, in the interest of transparency, and Colonel Bruno and Lt. Colonel Brantingham, given their close connection to the issue.

Thanks for your attention to this extremely important matter.

I remain, sir,

(name withheld)

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