WASHINGTON POST – Air Force suspends ethics course that used Bible passages to train missile launch officers

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  1. Eric Davis


    I actually applaud the vision of your organization, but I do take exception to this article.

    I went through Vandenberg AFB for ICBM (Nuclear Missile) training in 1992. Guess what? No class like this existed.

    I returned to Vandenberg AFB as an instructor in 1997 and was there until 2000. Guess what? No class like this existed.

    After leaving Vandenberg AFB, I did numerous staff jobs, some of which required me to review the training curriculum at Vandenberg AFB. Guess what? No class like this existed.

    I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel last year and am now working as a civil servant and am still involved in the ICBM world. I now work with several people with whom I worked at Vandenberg between ‘97 – ’00 who are still on Active Duty. They don’t remember such a class when they went through Vandenberg for training in the ’93-’94 years, nor do they recall this class when they were instructors.

    Now I will say, Vandenberg DID attempt to instill into their officer students the ethics of war, including nuclear war. There MAY have been some overzealous instructors who brought in their own personal stories of “Jesus Loves Nukes,” but it was NOT a part of the curriculum that I ever received, taught, or reviewed.

    I am a “skeptical Christian” and I absolutely HATE people forcing their religious ideals on anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Christian, a Muslim, Buddhist, whatever, I oppose religious views being shoved down anyone’s throat. I dealt with it a time or two while on Active Duty and always VIGOROUSLY opposed it. If this HAD been a part of the curriculum, I would have led the charge to eliminate it. This was not a 20 year course, nor a decades’ long effort. It might have been an example of some ultra-right wing religious zealot putting his/her religious spin on the ethics of war, but I highly doubt it was EVER part of the curriculum and even if it was at some point, it doesn’t go back 20 years.

    Eric Davis
    Cheyenne Wyoming

  2. Gail Finke

    Exactly how do you propose to cover the topic of Christian Just War Theory without talking about either the Bible or the Christians who developed it?

  3. Bethanie Chambers

    As an AF Vet, I am extremely disappointed and embarrassed by their decision to submit to your organizations political pressure. I am praying they decide to fight your efforts on this one. Though I applaud and appreciate the concept of your so-called “religious freedom,” it appears you’ve missed the ENTIRETY OF THIS PRINCIPAL with this particular issue. Once again, highly-effective, history-proven guidelines and teachings are being challenged by a few ignorant whiners in the name of “separation of church & state.” Very sad…. TRULY an injustice. Shame on you.

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