2/2/12 CSIndy – USAF Academy Dean of Faculty lies under oath in attempt to cover up order to wage “Counter-insurgency” vs. MRFF, clients

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • In the way of background, Weinstein began his campaign in 2004, alleging the academy favors fundamentalist Christianity. Former Commandant Gen. Johnny Weida taught cadets chants about Jesus, for example. Weinstein has been crying foul ever since on various infractions he and others have perceived of the U.S. Constitution’s establishment of religion clause, i.e., the government can’t dictate what religion you believe in, if any.More recently, we reported in August that AFA superintendent Lt. Gen. Michael Gould wrote in an e-mail that the best course in dealing with e-mails from Weinstein is to “block them from reaching my machine. I’m done with him,” he wrote.In that same report, we quoted AFA professor [and MRFF client] David Mullin, who was a named plaintiff against the academy in a religious freedom case in February, as saying, “They didn’t want to deal with anything having to do with his complaints. He might forward complaints of MRFF clients who were agonizing, and they just blew it off.”
  • On Sept. 24, 2010, Weinstein forwarded a message to Dean of Faculty Brig. Gen. Dana Born in which the writer complained the Bible was the only sacred text displayed at an academy prep school prisoner of war display. Born sent the message to others at the academy, saying, “hate to forward these — not worth the time usually you will spend reading it.”After Mullin went public with his criticism, Born didn’t renew his teaching contract. He’s since filed an Equal Employment Opportunity lawsuit.On Dec. 9, 2011, Born was deposed in Mullin’s civil rights lawsuit. Mullin’s attorney, Robert Eye, asked Born if she had ever used the term “counter-insurgency” to describe anything involving the academy.”No, sir,” she said.The attorney then asked additional questions about use of the term, and Born denied having said it.
  • But now, it appears MRFF has proof, in writing, that Born misspoke. Eye, who also represents MRFF, wrote in the letter to Donley:It has come to our attention that, contrary to the sworn testimony of Brig. General Born, she directed, in writing, at least one subordinate, Col. Thomas A. Drohan, Permanent Professor and Head of the Department of Military Strategic Studies, to conduct a counterinsurgency campaign against MRFF and presumably, MRFF clients at the USAFA. We understand that at the direction of Brig. General Born, Col. Drohan’s mid-term performance appraisal specified that he was to conduct a “COIN” against MRFF and its clients. In this context “COIN” is shorthand reference to counterinsurgency.
  • He also noted that her identifying MRFF and its clients as COIN targets is “an apparent attempt to chill both speech and assembly rights of MRFF clients” and runs afoul of the Constitution’s prohibition on any “religious test.”Weinstein’s reaction to all this is obviously one of outrage. “We’re talking about perjury,” he says in an interview. “That’s a very serious felony. Can you imagine the fact she put this on his evaluation? A counterinsurgency against my association? Unbelievable.”

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Click here to read the original letter sent by MRFF’s attorney

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  1. Yovonne Autrey

    I believe the legal term for what this woman did is “perjury”, is it not? I certainly hope the Pentagon fixes its current cranial-rectal inversion issues and finally does something to stop the goings on at USAFA and other parts of our military.

  2. chinco

    “I will not lie, cheat . . . ” the so-called Honor Code was taken down. It was too much to bear having it on the wall to remind us that there was a higher standard. Every day that this office spends on active duty is a blemish on the calling of officership. Immediate resignation, and demotion to rank held before appointment as Dean. No questions will be taken.

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