HUFFINGTON POST – How a Christian Fighter Pilot and FOX News Tried to Stop Fort Bragg Atheist Festival (And Failed)

Selected Article Excerpt:

While the upcoming Rock Beyond Belief festival at Fort Bragg is starting to get more media attention as its March 31 date approaches, the event has also been the subject of increased attacks by those who are attempting to stop it from taking place.

For those who don’t know what Rock Beyond Belief is, it’s the secular answer to all the big evangelical and fundamentalist Christian concerts and festivals regularly held on bases throughout the military. One of these events, a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rock the Fort festival, held at Fort Bragg in September 2010, despite complaints that the military officially sponsoring such an event was an unconstitutional promotion of religion, and showed a government preference for Christianity. The response from the commander of Fort Bragg was that any other group could also hold a similar event. So, SGT Justin Griffith, an atheist soldier at Fort Bragg, decided to take Fort Bragg up un this offer, and began planning a secular festival, which would feature atheist and secularist speakers and musicians…

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  1. Jason

    So you guys have problems with Christian concerts and festivals but not with this? If that’s true you are hypocrites. Personally I don’t have a problem with this thing as long as no one is forced to attend. Oh look I see the first amendment to the right of your article. Let me point out the (or prohibiting the free exercise thereof) part. You are entitled to your belifes or lack thereof and you also have freedom of speech. So dose every other American.

  2. Seamus Ruah

    Apparently Jason has no problems with violations of the ‘no establishment clause’.

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