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VIDEO – Mikey Weinstein Responds to David Barton calling him “Secretary of the Air Force”

Published On: May 24, 2012|Categories: News, Video|4 Comments|

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  1. mike May 26, 2012 at 7:03 am

    In a nutshell, you are what is wrong with America. I, like you, revile ‘revisionist history’, (with which I generally DO NOT associate David Barton), and also absolutely respect the right of these military folks to believe or not believe, and to worship or not to worship. But am I correct in assuming that you do NOT want these troops to be allowed to worship? Your statement (forgive the paraphrase) that, ‘once one dons a military uniform, their only religion is patriotism’ is absolutely ludicrous! Let me get this right…you have a large group of young men and women who love their country enough… despite more than a decade of war, with THOUSANDS DEAD…to voluntarily enlist to go fight for all of the freedoms that they have been brought up with, and you want to tell them that they need to leave their religion at the door? You, my friend, are not fighting for the freedom OF religion, you are fighting for the freedom FROM religion. The former freedom was declared 226 years ago, and fought for every minute since. The latter is not a freedom at all, but has been dreamed up and pushed by small-minded people, like yourself, who believe that THEIR ‘freedoms’ are the only ones that count.

  2. mike May 26, 2012 at 7:06 am

    forgive my pre-coffee math (or typing) skills…make that 236 years…

  3. Paul_B May 26, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    The individual personal rights I’ve defended for nearly 25 years in the military include:

    a) your freedom to believe and live your life by whatever mythology or fairy tale you like, as long as you don’t insist that government and/or public institutions single out and solely support your particular delusions, and

    b) your right to not believe in the multitude of other deities, faiths, and practices of the citizens of the United States, and to not have to support those beliefs in any manner other than allowing people the right to have them

    If you’re worried that the Christian majority is not being given free rein to infest every nook and cranny of the military, you should be less concerned about Mikey Weinstein, and more concerned about the large number of military personnel who agree with him, and serve as internal watchdogs to champion the same cause — preventing our military forces from becoming brownshirts* and crusaders** for the Christian Taliban of America.

    * barely hyperbole, Godwin’s’ Law not invoked
    ** see recent MRFF victory; Weinstein soon to add Secretary of Navy hat to collection

  4. wb May 31, 2012 at 11:46 am

    mikey, what kind of faggot name is that? are you one of those elitist jews who have caused so much trouble for your people? like the ones who run the banks and helped the communist takeover in russia? there have been chaplins and priests in uniform since the beginning of this great country, rabbis too i might add. saw your hatchet job of those brave marine scout snipers. i wonder, when are donning some fatiques and going over little man? i did not notice your face among those marines. why is it only blacks, jews, hispanics allowed freedom of thought in military? why are only whites targeted? why can a member of the klan not serve but a muslim or nation of islam member don the uniform? i’ll tell you. becuase you serve the dark power, satan. hell, i bet you are a child molsetor who regularly attnds the black mass. yeah, i know their stink when i smell it. here is how it is, there will be no wiccans or muslims or atheists or any of the other associated scum in the military once we throw that faggot bum obama out on his ass in november. after that, we’ll let the irs and fbi drive your site off the air. america will soon demand borders closed and illegals sent back and all you devil worshipping jewsih elite fags driven out of our country. this is the white man’s christain land and no pencil neck like you will succeed. more and more whites, especially in the corps are awakening to the raw deal people like you have caused for us. you would be surprised at the number of active duty marines who think as i do. a religious and racial war is brewing my friend, one we shall emerge as triumphant. scum like you, like the cockroach you are, will scurry once the light of day exposes you for who you are. pray to the lord and redeem your soul while their is still time. admit jesus as your saviour before it is too late.

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