Our Foundational Principles

Dear [MRFF]:

Islam and US are not at war, except in the minds of ignorant people. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are parts of the Abrahamic Message of Peace and Tolerance. In the US constitution, the separation of church and state is a foundational principle. In my opinion, the Founding Fathers were wise enough to put this in the Constitution, in order to safe-guard US from fanatics and bigots (who believe in the righteousness of their faith with the exclusion of all others). I, as a US Citizen took Oath to Protect and Guard this Principle. As a Muslim in America, I practice my Faith in which my Oaths are sacrosanct in Sight of God. Therefore, my loyalty and my life is dedicated to serving my adopted homeland. Its safety and security is my sacred duty. So, the minuscule amount of bigotry, which is present in all nations will not deter me from standing up for America and its principles, in all places including my nation of birth, Pakistan. That is why, I have made it my mission to show the true face of America to the Muslim world. A face of justice, equality, liberty, embedded in a core of compassion for all humanity. Our true self comes out in times of stress, like the time a little girl was stuck in a drilling shaft in the south. It takes time for American goodness to shine through the curtain of fanaticism, however, I believe, “we shall overcome…” America is represented by characters like Atticus Finch of “To kill a Mocking Bird,” NOT, Rev.Jones of Florida. I came to America in 1960. I had $70, a suitcase, and a head full of dreams. I worked hard and America rewarded me. I have an A.B., a B.S., two Masters and a Ph.D. and a diploma from MIT. I gave back to America, a Physician, a Surgeon, and a Lawyer, my sons, Dr. (name withheld), Dr. (name withheld), and (name withheld), J.D. We are the silent majority of Muslim Americans. We serve and do not complain. But, when people like yourself and your institution stand-up for us we say, “Thank you,” from the depths of our hearts.

Thanks for standing-up for me.

With Deep Regards,

(Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of a large Pharmaceuticals firm based in the US, name withheld)

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  1. Andy Kasehagen

    This is why I volunteer for MRFF and why I know it is so worthwhile.

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