Radical Anti-Semite Reverend Ted Pike Mentions Mikey

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In the event you haven’t seen this already, Rev Ted Pike who is described by the SPLC as a radical anti-semite (http://goo.gl/bSyqp) mentioned you in his latest e-mail alert of 16 Apr titled, “Mockery of Jesus: A Jewish Tradition” In the alert, he blames the Jews for every anti-Christian action since the advent of Jesus and to quote:


Its smell is unmistakable in the arrogance of Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, who helped create US Air Force and Navy guidelines to forbid public prayers in Jesus’ name. Resnicoff was assisted by lay Jewish activist Mikey Weinstein, whose objections to Christian evangelism at the Air Force Academy ultimately compelled it to restrain Christian free speech. Resnicoff was the primary force causing Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmidtt to be expelled from the Navy for illegally using the name of Jesus in public prayer.

Not surprisingly, Rev Pike’s virulent anti-semitism extends to blaming the Jews for “spearheading promotion of miscegenation between blacks and whites.” In a racist filled e-mail alert he wrote in a 2009 article about Obama fulfilling prophecy:


Especially for the past century, liberal Jewish-dominated media and “civil liberties” groups have spearheaded promotion of miscegenation between blacks and whites. They have been spectacularly successful. America is fast moving toward a biracial, not predominantly white, nation. After the election of Obama, Jewish media supremacists more than ever push blacks and whites together to mix the genetic seed of iron peoples with clay. (iron peoples being Pike’s euphemism for whites and blacks as clay)

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