CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK – Military Logos No Longer Allowed on Troop Bibles

Selected Article Excerpt:

According to Lifeway Christian Resources spokesman Marty King, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines have revoked their authorization to use official service emblems on the Scriptures.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation threatened to sue, claiming that allowing the logos to be placed on Bibles violates the Constitution… (click below to read more)

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  1. Henrietta Hill

    You kinda got it backwards, dont you? A Marine symbol on a Bible doesnt mean the government is endorsing religion, it is an endorsement of the USMC by the Bible publishers. Isnt this still a free country? Why should the Bible publishers be prohibited from endorsing the Marine Corps, or other branches of the military?

  2. Gy/Sgt Marvin Bush

    Aa a former Marine I cannot see why you have to use God to screw up wverything you do. The Name Crusaders that VMFA-122 used. Now how about make the British change the name of their ships, HMS Crusader, three British naval ships. The Company that make these aircraft change the name , F-8 Crusader, a U.S. Navy fighter jet, XF8U-3 Crusader III, an experimental fighter intended to replace the F-8 and compete with the F-4 Phantom II. and haw about this weapon that was designed to kill changer the name, XM2001 Crusader, an American self propelled artillery project.
    You people are sick.

  3. Gy/Sgt Marvin Bush

    Change haw to how, changer to change.

  4. Jeanene Cobb

    This is wrong on so many different levels. I bought a Marine bible this morning before they are gone. Stop trying to apply your agenda where it does not belong.

  5. Allison

    What does your group have to do with freedom!? If you don’t believe then don’t buy the Bible. Don’t deny access of a military Bible to others who do believe and want it! Don’t you think that there are some who don’t share your opinion? I think your actions seem like revenge for an experience that you feel you had no blame in. Shame on you!

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