I just wanted to take a few moments of time to sincerely thank you and your entire MRFF organization for all that you do for our great nation and for what you do for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. As a current member of the Air Force(21 yrs in service, and counting) I have watched our military descend into becoming a Fundamentalist Evangelical entity that disgraces the U.S. Constitution and the oath we all took to support and defend it. It wasn’t until I did some looking on the web and found the MRFF that I was utterly shocked to see how much worse the problem is. I have shared your works with my friends, family and co-workers about the incredibly positive impact you are making not only in our military, but in our nation as well. I no longer fear speaking out against Fundamentalist Christian religious bullies in the Air Force, just as with (officer’s name withheld) and his personal proselytizing web page and blog. Mikey, I know there are others out there that are afraid to talk about their negative experiences of being harmed and persecuted because of their personal religious convictions while proudly wearing the uniform. I hope that my efforts can show them that even the smallest steps taken can weaken evangelizing bullies like this as long as you and MRFF are here to help us stand up and fight.


(X)Sgt xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx Evaluator
xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx Squadron
xxxxxx AFB, xxxxxx

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