THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE – ‘God’s Warrior’ Jerry Boykin to Join Family Research Council

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Some are voicing alarm at the Family Research Council’s recent announcement that it has hired controversial retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin as its Executive Vice President–but why should they be? For Boykin, joining a Christian evangelical organization that serves as a political ramrod for far-right social conservatism, this is like coming home.
  • Today, Boykin believes that Satan is gathering his forces through Islam, and in particular through Sharia law which, via Muslim agents of deception, is slowly infiltrating the United States seeking to “destroy the Constitution.” This is not hyperbole. […] It started when he was working as the Pentagon’s senior intelligence official during the first days of the Iraq War. He wasn’t too busy in this capacity to make the rounds selling the war to Christian evangelical groups, where he reportedly suggested that as a Judeo-Christian nation, the United States was waging Holy War with Islam. He did this while in uniform.
  • He is an ordained minister who believes “the 36 years I spent in uniform was nothing but preparation for the real battle we are in today and I believe my role today is to raise up an army, a spiritual army … of godly men and women who understand the concept of spiritual warfare and are willing to get into battle.” […] His “spiritual war” is wrapped up in his crusade against Islam, which is carefully couched as opposition to Sharia law. […] He repeatedly says that Muslims represent a faith bent on “destroying the U.S Constitution.”
  • Talk like this from Boykin has been rattling American Muslims and civil rights and antiwar groups for years. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, run by dogged retired judge advocate general Mikey Weinstein, recently helped push Boykin out of an invitation to speak at a West Point prayer breakfast. As far as MRFF is concerned, Boykin is the poster child for the evangelical hold on the military’s officer corps, and the transformation of the Global War on Terror into a Christian crusade. One that is not only unconstitutional, but putting our troops in danger overseas.
  • FRC is still considered a mainstream player in U.S Republican politics. How does it affect the party’s nominee in the general election when he is compelled to kiss the ring of a homophobic policy think tank that just hired an Islamophobic ex-Army officer who has dedicated his life to a holy war against Islam? Not in a very positive way, one would think.

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  1. Villabolo

    FRC hiring Boykin is like cross pollination without any new results. 😉

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