Warning To Stop, Mr. Weinstein

Mr. Mikey Weintein,

I am an American and a college graduate. I have a wife and children. I just finished reading your book. I am very active in my church, We are all believers in the truth that Jesus Christ as the sole Lord and Savior of fallen mankind. (John 14:6) The men in my church have been closely observing the fiendish activity of your Military Religioius Freedom Foundatiuon for some time now. We have seen the negative messages sent to you and your family and the MRFF. This e-mail will contain no misspellings or grammatical errors or profanity as you often receive in your so-called hate mail. As you can see I am an educated man with a profession requiring intelligence. This communciation will, however, beg you to disband immediately your black foundation as it is both unGodly, unChristian and unAmerican. I know that you do not believe that satan is real. But he is and you and your wife and children and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and all of those who support it are either willing or ignorant slaves to the Dark One. We do not yet know which but we will find out soon. It doen’t really matter as you are all responsible for the evil you spread by trying to drive Christianity out of the armed services. All of you, especially you, Mr. Weinstein, as the charismatic and clever ring leader must stop your wickedness immediately and suit up to fight off your Master who is satan. (Ephesians 6:11) You have opened wide the door to the devil by denying America’s Chrisitan priorities of State. Your blasphemous “success” has grown steadily more dangerous as you rush so hard to work to deny Christ his rightful presence and prominence in our nation’s military. You have opened the door wide, wide, wide Mr. Weinstein for your ecstatic master, satan. Last Friday he bought a ticket to see the Batman movie in Colorado. Courtesy of you and your fellow travelers of pro-abortion, no guns allowed, judges get to decide everything and muslims are as good as Christians. And gays are “born that way”. And the U.S. is a “secular” nation where Christianity is just another “religion option” for our troops and the lost peoples of the many countries they are fighting in. How ignorant you are. Can you not see that if you take away Jesus there is a void which will happily be filled, and is filled, by satan? The blood of that movie theater is on all of your hands. Cease and desist, Mr Weinstein. Let Christ replace satan in your still beating heart. (Matthew 7:8)

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  1. Ken L

    Let these religious right wingers move to a few states and [Texas, Ga, Miss. Alabama,] etc. they can call themselves The United States of Christianity and we will continue with the rest of America [so called moderates] to be the original United States of America. 46 vs 4 states. They can have their religion, no taxes, no women voting, no public schools, no police or firemen, no abortions. If they have a national disaster, Jesus will provide.
    So be it, done. Place your order for the states you would like to have, present it to the people and will vote on it.

  2. Ken L

    Problem, They want us to recognize their religion, however they will not recognize mine.
    I don’t believe Jesus would fell that way.

  3. Sherlock

    This guy seriously needs to be checked out. His mental acuity seems to be on par with Holmes and he will be the next person to strike, justifying his crazy, insane, evil actions in the name of Jesus. Jesus would never act or say the things that this guy is, and He would never tolerate them. This guy should be locked up because although he says he has been educated, he is clearly brainwashed.

  4. Mark

    Several misspellings, and he ended one sentence with a preposition. #boomroasted

  5. Helen

    On first pass, I counted no less than 6 spelling errors in addition to poor grammar, faulty punctuation, and capitalization errors. Yes, indeed, we can see he is an educated man. #Fail

  6. Kevin

    “Satan” is a proper noun and should be capitalized. Dingbat.

  7. Helen

    “both unGodly, unChristian and unAmerican” That’s three items. lol ‘Both’ means two! Mikey, could you write back and ask him where he got his college education? I want to make sure my kids don’t go there.

  8. Shebardigan

    He could at least spelled Mikey’s surname correctly. Other than that, an excellent piece of satire. Or not.

  9. Chris Leithiser

    So…wingnuts have discovered spell check. Progress of a sort.

    If only there were “logic check” available…

  10. Robert Comingo

    I am soooo happy that I can live life day by day without having to reference everything I say.

    I would like a cheese burger…. (Cow 1:1)

  11. Brian Ross

    You know, I was in the military for about 10 years–maybe half of that on active duty, but I don’t recall there being a problem for soldiers choosing their religion.

    Perhaps there was a shortage of clergymen in some cases so support all faiths and denominations, but I don’t recall anyone claiming a denial of religious freedom nor having one forced upon them. Was I just fortunate in my assignments?

    Be that as it may, religion IS a choice in this country. But it has always seemed that the Christian right believe it is a Christian nation and “one nation under God.”

    Well, that is not our official motto. Our motto is E Pluribus Unum; out of many, one. Our nation’s policy is religious tolerance. Nobody’s specific God was even mentioned in the body of the Constitution. The only mention of the Christian God was personal–in the signature block where the framers signed it “in the year of our Lord.” Their Lord…not everyone’s. And had they wanted there to be a state religion then, that document was the exact place to declare it.

    I defend anyone’s right to practice religion up until the point when it is forced upon someone against their will. Churches preaching to Congress rather than the congregation–legislating religious doctrine upon everyone not choosing to sit in the pews…this must stop.

    There have been cries about religious oppression, but what I see is religions oppressing those that don’t belong to their church. For example, I still cannot believe gay marriage is banned in many places–kept banned by the religious opinion about it being an abomination. Fine–no one’s forcing church members to marry someone of the same sex–why not let others decide for themselves what makes them happy.

    The person above who wrote the letter, him believe that if he wants to…in his OWN church and in his OWN home. But let the public be free to choose their own spiritual paths. My soul is my own concern. Let him worry about his, not mine.

  12. PaulE

    This mindset is why our country is sliding down the rankings in multiple areas in education. Also, it’s why many foreign leaders see the U.S. as being “in decline.” Maddening…

  13. watchtower

    For someone “educated” and “intelligent” you miss a very important point, this is a free country, not a religious one. While you may wish/desire/declare your opinion on the rest of us, I can assure you, we do not care what you deem blasphemous or wicked.

    I can assure you that nothing supernatural caused the murder of the innocent people in Colorada, it was a very deranged young man who could not or would not get help.

    Your very own Christian leaders constantly declare acts of nature, man or terrorist on gays, the ACLU or the devil. Lets be clear, NOTHING can be further from the truth…humans harm or love other humans, disasters happen, there is nothing supernatural about it!

    Please, get over yourselves and get a “better” education…the rest of have already.

  14. Henry

    I served in the U.S. Military and the CONSTITUTION… not any Bible, Koran or Torah. Looking at the Colorado Massacre, I see the Gunman was a Christian?

  15. SimonGodOfHairdos

    Hmmmmmm, better than most Fundies, but I still see a number of grammatical errors and other syntax problems. 🙂

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