Major MRFF Victory: Gen. Umbarger, what you did was…um…ILLEGAL! (And MRFF won’t let you hide it!)

Adjutant General (Head) of Indiana’s National Guard, Gen. R. Martin Umbarger, appeared in uniform in a video endorsing a religious organization – in clear violation of the United States Constitution and Department of Defense regulations, directives, and instructions.

MRFF brought immediate national media attention on Umbarger’s egregiously illegal actions, and he responded by immediately asking the organization to remove the video in which he appeared.


“…in the likely event that you find DoD and/or UCMJ regulatory violations committed pursuant to your investigations, MRFF demands that Maj. General Umbarger, Chaplain (Major) Hedrick and any and all other complicit individuals be severely punished accordingly.”

Friday, August 17, 2012

Click here to read this letter to National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Craig R. McKinley


Group: Indiana Guard chief promoted religion

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Click here to read this article at
Air Force Times


Ind. Guard Head Under Fire Over Religious Video – Military Watchdog Group Wants Maj. Gen. Martin Umbarger To Resign

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Click here to read this article at
The Indy Channel


R. Martin Umbarger, Indiana Guard Leader, Probed By Army Inspector General For Christian Video

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Click here to read this article at
The Huffington Post


R. Martin Umbarger, National Guard General, Accused Of Ethics Violation For Endorsing Christian Group

Monday, August 20, 2012

Click here to read this article at
The Huffington Post


Foundation alleges ethics violation of
Indiana National Guard leader

Monday, August 20, 2012

Click here to read this article at
The Indianapolis Star

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  1. Rick Jones

    You need to do some research. The Adjutant General does not work for the National Guard Bureau. He is appointed by and works for the governor. There is a difference between a “bureau” and a “command” Mikey. Look it up. You’re a lawayer. At least you claim to be one. And asking NGB to investigate Chaplain Hedrick, a US Army Reserve officer, is almost comical. Again Mikey, do some research. The Chief, NGB has no jurstiction over a reserve officer.

  2. Andrew Witherell

    I don’t see anywhere that General Umbarger is giving orders to donate money. His comments are about an orginization helping soldiers. As a retired Indiana National Guardsman, I am greatful that an organization is there to help my friends in time of need. General Umbarger leads over 15,000 soldiers. 31 offended soldiers out of 15,000 is pretty good. I know I have seen my 1SG made more than 31 soldiers upset. Were the 31 soldiers upset when they took their Oath of Enlistment. “So help me God”.

  3. Gene Wood

    In case your not aware organizations like Centurion Watch are filling a huge gap in family services and support for reserve component soldiers. If it were not for organizations like Centurion Watch, National Guard and Reservists would not have any recourse for desperately needed family services unlike their active component counterparts that have a myriad of DoD funded family service programs availalbe to them on active duty installations. Centurion Watch may be a Christian Faith based not-for-profit, but they do not differentiate between Christians and non-Christians for the services they provide and/or offer.
    Mr Weinstein you may have served, but I doubt you have ever been in ground combat or have a clue what is like to be a leader, with soldiers and their family members in crisis, looking for resources to help them. If you did, you wouldnt try to tear down a man that is working with this and many other not-for-profits that have done so much for his soldiers and airmen and their families.
    By the way, the American flag is not a religious symbol rather it a symbol of our freedoms, including the freedom of expression and religion, the Constitution is not religious doctrine, rather it is the law of the land and it guarantees our right to practice any religion of our choosing with no interference from our government and patritotism is not a religious faith, it is not reserved only for Christians, Jews, Muslims or anyone else, rather it is shared by Americans from all religions, creeds, ethnicities, gender and ideologies. Your view of religion is not exclusive and should not infringe upon the excellent work of organizations like Centurion Watch or the lifetime of service and committment that a man like MG Umbarger has dedicated to his country and the soldiers and airmen that serve under him.

  4. dennis white

    get your facts straight and do a non bias research, i am sorry that you would post this story. I agree with the replies from Gene W, Andrew W, and Rick J

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