R. Martin Umbarger

To whom it may concern (i.e., Mikey Weintstein):

With all the other issues going on in the world you need to drop you case against MG Umbarger.  He has been a great leader and Soldier.  You calling for him to be removed is ridiculous!  I will tell you that I plan to orgainze as many of the Soldiers as I can to stand behind an support MG Umbarger.

(name withheld)
Indiana Army National Guard

Hi (withheld),

Rick Baker here. I’m a volunteer for MRFF to make sure all correspondence to MRFF receives a prompt and courteously reply.  Mikey, as you may imagine, is up to his ears in  e-mails so I am  hoping help cover all the bases.

To introduce myself let me say that I am a former Air Force Officer with two consecutive combat tours as an Air Force Helicopter Rescue Pilot in Vietnam. I volunteer for MRFF to help out where I can.

Your message demonstrates your devotion to the armed forces and your dedication to it’s outstanding officers which Gen. Umbarger has certainly been one.

It’s very hard to understand why an officer of his stature should be criticized for his actions regarding his religious beliefs but, sadly we must point out where  the divergence of the good intentions of our senior officials and violations of our precious constitution take place.

Gen. Umbarger, in his positive statements regarding a certain religious organization, did it at the wrong time and place. By recommending this organization while in uniform and to a majority military audience it was a violation of Supreme Court ruling  Lemon Vs. Kurzman (1971) which prohibits government , including the armed  forces and public education from recommending, elevating, endorsing or proselytizing one religion over another or religion over non-religion.

This was a simple mistake but one that a person in his position should have been acutely aware.

Gen. Umbarger’s unilateral support for this religious entity had the propensity to
alienate other troops of differing religious beliefs and threatened discipline and good order among hs command.

Do not mistake this MRFF action as one which isolates and criticizes one person, but rather a general admonition to senior personnel to be aware and cognizant of all religious beliefs in the military.

Thank you for your service to America and your heartfelt defense of a respected commander.

Rick Baker

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  1. Patrick L. Boucher

    To Whom it May Concern; As a former Marine, National Guard Officer and twice deployed veteran -Vietnam and Afghanistan- let me assure you that MG Umbarger sets the standard for military professionalism, dedication to the troops and their families. MG Umbarger has done more in an afternoon for our troops, their families and our country than “Mikey” has done in a lifetime. The General has had our backs in war and peace for over 40 years and we now have his.

    Patrick L. Boucher, Corydon Indiana

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