Why are they afraid to mention MRFF?

Notorious David Barton defender / mouthpiece / puppet Rick Green just published a rambling diatribe in which he attempted to discredit MRFF Sr. Research Director Chris Rodda for her association with MRFF – while clearly avoiding mentioning MRFF by name.

In this post, Green refers to Rodda as one of the “bomb throwing, left wing radicals that seek to destroy the foundations of America,” and states that she is “obscure, relentless, virulently anti-Christian.”

Not only is that ridiculously and patently untrue, it’s also a completely irrelevant (and par for the course) ad hominem refusal to actually address anything resembling facts.  Green then goes even further by “exposing” Rodda’s connection with MRFF:

She works with the ACLU of the military world who does everything they can to curb the religious freedom and expression of the very people who are laying down their lives for her freedom to speak out on her never ending youtube videos. They are responsible for West Point disinviting special forces hero and courageous champion of faith Gen. Boykin. They forced soldiers to remove Biblical references engraved on their weapons and demanded the removal of Franklin Graham participating in the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer. These people do not support a freedom OF religion, they want a freedom FROM religion. It is not enough for them to choose no religion, they want to force that choice on you.

Notice how MRFF’s name is conspicuous by omission.  Is Rick Green actually afraid to even mention MRFF?  Oh, and we’re pretty sure Green’s using the same “fact” checkers as Barton.  After all, it was David Barton that called MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein the “Secretary of the Air Force.”

If you’re in need of a simultaneously amusing and scary look into the psyche of those who would turn our U.S. military into a marauding Christian crusader force, go ahead and read Rick Green’s screed – but again, be warned, words like “fact” and “truth” have very different meanings for Mr. Green:

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!! (in a scholarly sort of way!)

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1 Comment

  1. James Slark

    Those who believe in non-existent super natural beings will do anything to advance their cause, and feel justified in doing so, including lying and cheating and even shooting doctors in the back. We are thankful to Mikey and MRFF’s efforts to put an end to this unholy alliance and protect vulnerable soldiers from the predations of these clowns.

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