INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE TIMES – Cadet Quits Over Religion: Blake Page Leaves West Point Over Disrespect Of Atheists

Selected Article Excerpt:

  • A cadet who quit over religion said that West Point military academy promoted a culture of prayer and religious activities, said West Point disrespects nonreligious cadets. Blake Page, the Cadet who quit over religion, was six months away from graduation, but the cadet quit over religion instead of finishing out his stint at the U.S. military academy.

    Blake Page, the cadet who quit over religion, announced his decision this week, and the 24-year-old cadet said he quit over religion because of the unconstitutional role religion plays in the military.

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1 Comment

  1. Tom

    1988 United States Air Force Academy graduate.

    Once again a young man who blames something else for his/hers faults. I am agnostic and never saw this discrimination at my school. I am glad he is not being forced to pay back the education he received nor will be forced to serve in the ranks for bailing out early. Yes I said bailing it out for that is what he did. He quit and used an excuse that hmm just does not pass the smell test. But hey make any excuse as that is what is the common reason these days for failure. I am writing this at a stop light so my grammar and such is crap. Bottom line, he quit on himself but hopefully he will have a better calling in life. Not everyone is cut out to be a soldier.

    An old grad who loved his time in the military

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