Tragic Seal Team Loss

Dear MRFF,

I’m really heartbroken to see that we’ve lost another brave member of Seal Team 6, tragically just before the holidays. What makes this loss even harder to bear is that it was totally unnecessary. Why are we risking the lives of our special forces personnel to rescue members of a christian evangelical team (Colorado Springs based ‘Morning Star Development’ in Afghanistan?) Private citizens who go to far off places to spread their religion should not assume that brave Americans are going to risk their lives (and taxpayer resources) to bail their asses out when they go into tribal lands where they’re not welcome and not requested, trying to spread their own brand of religion under the guise of charity work and free medical care. They’re certainly free to do that if they so choose, but NOT with the tacit support of the US Government–and that’s exactly what they have when a discredited general officer (Allen) orders our forces to rescue them. I can’t imagine the heartache in the family of the lost Seal Team 6 member. If it was my son that was lost, I’d be calling for a congressional investigation looking into the why we were bothering to try to accomplish this rescue at all. If that doctor and his team weren’t employees of the US Government on orders to be there, then we shouldn’t bother to help them. It is NOT the government’s job to rescue EVERY American from EVERY dangerous situation into which they willfully place themselves.

Signed, US Air Force Officer.

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  1. Ron

    I agree. And check out the book that Dilip Joseph has released on this. Nice that he can make a pretty penny off this all, right?

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