low evil subhuman

Dear Mikey,
You are not a human being worth saving mikey wienstein. There are those who are in the body of Christ and there are those that love America which is in Christ. Our army and airforce and navy marines give defense of the USA only with the love and word and grace of the only true Savior. You and your evil organisation of jews will stop at nothing to cut out Jesus from guiding our nation’s military might. From leading that might which is Christ’s right. You are lowest of the low and the most evil man on the planet. You rejoice at your evil don’t you. You think you and your horde of swine is winning don’t you mikey weinstien. Your time is coming fast to pay dear with the revenge of our Lord. You cannot hide anymore than could Jonah. Just try. Christ will see you soon.

(name withheld)

You know, trref, I see this kind of crap coming from people like yourself all the time, and usually
I just shrug it off, knowing that ignorance is its own reward and that the authors of this kind of
self-destroying bilge suffer greatly as they cling to their twisted version of religious belief and
sit around with other dim-witted people telling each other how saintly they are for puking out
garbage like this in the name of their so-called faith. But you’ve managed to hit a new low, so
I thought I’d take a moment to let you know that your poverty of spirit has made me realize even
more deeply how vitally important the work of Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom
Foundation is and how critical it is that they continue to protect our military personnel and our
country from the demented likes of people like you.

Mike Farrell

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