Gutted (a poem for MRFF)


Was this a follower
of the Prince of Peace?
Calling on Christ
to gut a son of Abraham,
son of Isaac and
son of Jacob?
This man
called on the
One who called on us to
“love our enemies”,
“pray for those who
persecute you” and to
“turn the other cheek” in times of
This man
followed Mars,
the Roman God of War while he
spewed his anti-Christ(ian)
Or perhaps,
this man was a
follower of Huitzilopochtli,
the Aztec God of War,
who demanded human blood sacrifice.
The butcher God who required
Hearts ripped from chests.
Flailing bodies thrown down
the blood soaked temple
like so much litter.
No, this man of hate
did nothing but
gut the gospel.
Gut the love,
Gut the forgiveness.
Someday this killer will hear
the Prince of Peace say
sadly, “Get away from me, I
never knew you.”

18 February 2013
(name withheld – author is a devout Evangelical Christian and stalwart MRFF supporter)

This poem was written in response to this recent hate mail received by MRFF:

Michael Weinstein of MFRR: You and your foundation are the largest threat to America. And it’s historic and most important national Christian faith. My family and I and our church and pastor take happiness in knowing what Jesus will be doing to you and your family and followers of the darkness. As he will disembowel the antichrist and his evil legions, Christ will rip out your guts and the innards of your wife. And of your children and followers and worshipers of your dark path. Your spent entrails will pave the path for his Kingdom of Peace to come forever. This is your purpose. And what your inherit and deserve.

(name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Thank you. But frankly, as a pagan who is fond of some Roman deities? I don’t even think Mars would have claimed that nasty bit of work you write about here!

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