At Easter, Think of Your Family For Once

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Dear Mr. Weinstein,
Every Easter for the past few years a member of our ladies church group is asked to contact you. She has demanded that you cease and desist from further crucifying our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. And every year you reject the demand. You are a stiff necked jew (Exodus 32:9). And you just keep on crucifying The Christ. You crucify Him by your public denials. You deny, deny, deny. You deny that America is and always has been founded only as a Christian Nation. You deny that our American military is designed to further the Gospel of the Lord. For sake of all the world. You deny that our soldiers can be offerred The Gift of salvation buy their military leaders. You deny that the arabs in afghanistan Iran, Iraq and Kuwait shall be presented with The Word of Christ. With  tender love by our Christian soldiers. We know your a jew. In America even jews, atheists and muslems are tolerated to be citizens. But not if they do not allow American Christians the fair chance to save them. From their false faiths. From an eternity in Hell with satan. A fair chance is all we ask you, Mickey and MRRF. Its right there in the constitution. You deny that too. You say your a lawyer so you should know this. Noone stops our soldiers from being saved more than you. So they’re blood is on your hands. We have told you this. You don’t care. Your in league with satan and will suffer for that in Hell for eternity. It is too late for you. You are a cowardly detestable sorcerer. Your second death is assured. (Revelations 21:8). Jesus The Christ commands you to hell. But you have a wife and children. We have all their pictures. And we pray on them for their salvation. That it is not too late for them. We ask you to think of your family. In order to stop you from fighting the Gospels spread in our military. And to the arabs in Arabia. And even the godless in Korea. Mickey fights and denies Christ to our troops. satan smiles. Jesus bleeds. At least see your family saved from your fate in the Lake of Fire. You are a deceiver and slave to satan (Revelations 20:10).

The following are responses to the above letter:

AH!   — more traditional Christian LOVE toward the people whose philosophical gifts and teachings they have distorted and paganized.  That’s a venerable irony.

My mother survived a pogrom in Poland at Easter-time when she was a child.   She recalled hiding in the bushes.

“They were our neighbors.  They came in the dark so that we wouldn’t see their faces.  I heard them shouting as they moved from the church to the upper marketplace, ‘Cut off their beards.  They killed God!’
“How could anyone kill God? I wondered.   Early in the next morning, I went down to the square.   The butcher was lying there in his doorway.  He had died when they sliced off half his face.  A few doors further, my mother’s cousin was holding his daughter’s corpse.  She was fourteen years old with beautiful auburn hair.  She regularly cared for her aged great-grandmother.   Her father found her in the street near his grandmother’s house.  They had raped her — even after she was dead.   I remember his weeping and shaking his fist at the church with its cross on top.  In my lifetime, it’s often been difficult to see a difference between the cross and the swastika.  ”

Attitudes and actions toward us like this one that you received from another semi-literate and not well educated zealot continue to be familiar to me.   But then, Bronze Age mentality remains in certain ways among some of our own people.

I still strive for true tolerance and inclusion in this multi-cultural society where all are equal under the law — race, gender, national origin, religion (or its lack).   Ethnocentrics world-wide have always been the enemy of such efforts.

It is ongoing wherever I have lived, but here, in Florida, life seems fifty years behind the place where I was born — a bullying and loudly vocal minority dominates as it did in my childhood — corrupting some of my earliest memories. (Remember, I’m a generation older than you.)  Among the ethnocentrics are some for whose rights five generations of my family have fought — that’s a bitter irony.

Mikey, you have been steadfast in confronting bullies whose creed causes them to assume privilege and domination, thus depriving others of rights to differ.  I only wish that I had the intelligence and the resources to do more to bring people together for the common good and with respect for their differences.

(name withheld)

Dear Mikey.. There are many of us who are truly inspired by your courage and strength to persist in such a vital cause.. May the moments of such ugliness as presented below, be so limited as to become non existent..  Peace, (name withheld)

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  1. Chris March 30, 2013 at 6:34 am

    And happy easter to you too

  2. Frank McEvoy April 1, 2013 at 11:00 am

    The comments from the “ladies (sic) church group” are odd, but they really harm their arguments by being semi-literate. It makes me (for one) suspect they may lack historical perspective and education, and thereby be wrong.

  3. Christopher Blackwell April 1, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    How strange that anyone would think that by being threatened that a person would convert to their religion. Curious people who for some reason believe that God thinks just the way that they do. Then they decide that our colonial and revolutionary forefathers also thought the way that they do. They certain are remarkably arrogant in their thinking.

    I tend to work on the idea that all of our religions could be partly right and partly wrong because our religions are based on man’s interpretation of God.

  4. Sage on the Hudson April 1, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    I wonder if all these Church Ladies look and sound like Dana Carvey.

  5. Robert Carver April 6, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    Interesting how these church ladies blindly accept a worldview based on corrupted text that has been translated many times across different languages. We do not have original texts of the myth stories by these Hebrews that started as oral stories which were later written down by different communities. So we don’t really know what the original texts said and the Bible we have today came to us by committee vote rather than by supernatural fiat. Throughout history, there have been literally thousands of translations. Most Christians seem to think that the bible (as it is now, with its sixty-six or so books, divided into chapters and verses) has existed for thousands of years. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the bible that most Christians are familiar with is a fairly recent contrivance. The religious term “canon” refers to the divinity of a specific set of writings. Just which books are canonical and which are not has been the subject of debate among Judeo-Christian leaders for the last two thousand years. The Protestant Church did not agree on which books should be contained in the bible until as late as 1647, at the Assembly of Westminster.

    Many believe that the Council of Nicea, held in 325 A.D., determined what books should constitute the Bible. This council did not determine the canon. So far as is known, the first church council which acted upon this question was the Synod of Laodicea which met in 365. This council rejected the Apocryphal books contained in Augustine’s list, but admitted Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah. It excluded Revelation. Various councils, following this, adopted canonical lists. One council would admit certain books and the next council would reject them. The third council of Carthage in 397 adopted the list of Augustine which admitted the Apocryphal books and Revelation and rejected Lamentations.

    The actions of none of these councils were unanimous or decisive. The list of books adopted was adopted simply by a majority vote. A large minority of every council refused to accept the list of the majority. Some advocated the admission of books that were rejected; others opposed the admission of books that were accepted. As late as the seventh century (629), at the sixth Council of Constantinople, many different canonical lists were presented for ratification.

    These facts concerning the formation of the Christian canon are admitted in a large degree by one of the most orthodox of authorities, McClintock and Strong’s “Cyclopedia of Biblical and Ecclesiastical Literature.” Dr. McClintock says: “The New Testament canon presents a remarkable analogy to the canon of the Old Testament. The beginnings of both are obscure… The history of the canon may be divided into three periods. The first, extending to 170, includes the era of circulation and gradual collection of the apostolic writings. The second is closed in 303, separating the sacred from other ecclesiastical writings. The third may be defined by the third Council of Carthage, 397 AD, in which a catalogue of the books of the Scriptures was formally ratified by conciliar authority. The first is characteristically a period of tradition, the second of speculation, and the third of authority, and we may trace the features of the successive ages in the course of the history of the canon. But however all this may have been, the complete canon of the New Testament, as we now have it, was ratified by the third Council of Carthage, 397 AD, from which time it was generally accepted by the Latin church, some of the books remaining in doubt and disputed.”

    Yet these self-professed Christians seem to have no awareness about the history of their “holy book” and the origins of their religion. It takes a shocking amount of arrogance mixed with ignorance to spew hate like this. Decent people would have moral and ethical reservations about “damning” their fellow human beings with such gusto and glee but these women have convinced themselves they are doing this jealous, cruel and sadistic god’s will which amazingly matches their own bigotry and prejudices. In a rational world we would get these ladies professional psychological help for their mental illness. Let’s hope this is the extent of their hate-based behavior.

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