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Dear Mikey,

I have spoken, e-mailed, sent materials from the Military Religious Freedom foundation to hundreds. Just recently an aquantance shared her story about the information i shared with her. She is a Democrat and closer to the left. Her son, a Republican and closer to the right. She never kept quiet to try to reach him and they were always at “odd”. she sent him the info about MRFF. He called to thnk her and was very appreciative. So, in some way you have brought mother and son finally walking the same walk when it come to the MRFF.
thought you would enjoy this.

(name withheld)

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  1. Barry Tharpe

    So if I read what you stand for correctly, you only intervene when soldiers are FORCED to attend speaches, dinners, breakfast, etc. Where theirs a Christian giving their voice, prayer or opinion. Is that correct? So what if a jew or a Muslim brother soldier give their testimony will you attack their lunch ins. Read the first constitution sir. Many have died to protect it and here you are persecuting Christians and their beliefs. I dont see you stoping the muslim or Jewish dinners or even dances. You have a 0 track record of going after nothing but Christans.

    Barry Tharpe

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