LOS ANGELES TIMES – Don’t play into a paranoid conservative narrative

Published On: April 10, 2013|Categories: News|1 Comment|

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  • Are Roman Catholics, evangelical Christians and “ultra-Orthodox” Jews religious extremists comparable to the Ku Klux Klan and Al Qaeda? Yes, according to a PowerPoint slide that was apparently used by the U.S. Army Reserve in a training program. The briefing materials, which seem to have been discarded a year ago, have prompted complaints by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services and the conservative Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.
  • One boneheaded PowerPoint presentation does not a conspiracy make, but that won’t prevent religious groups from citing it is proof that the military is biased against Catholics, evangelicals and religion in general.

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One Comment

  1. Shawn May 2, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    Whatever. Everyone has a religious belief system… everyone. You will find that people who has religious convictions will tend to demonize others that don’t agree with their system. Mr. Mikey Weinstein is a perfect example. He has been allowed to create a platform to bash Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and others because he doesn’t agree with them.
    There will always be stupid people out there… just because the stupid people say they are apart of a group or religious affinity doesn’t mean that person is correctly handling how they share their belief system.
    I would say Mike, you’re taking it too far. Let’s stop everyone from our constitutional right of freedom of speech so that peoples feelings are not hurt… buck up. I know what it’s like to be bashed for my religious beliefs. You know what… I didn’t care what those people thought of me… because I know I’m right, haha.
    The whole point is don’t take the rights we’ve all fought for away from us just because of a few people who are jaded.

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