MIKEY’s OP-ED – Chuck Norris: A Bar of Soap and a Box of Rocks

Published On: April 8, 2013|Categories: Mikey's Op-Eds, News|5 Comments|
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  1. connie April 9, 2013 at 1:20 am

    Dear Mr Weinstein… I love what you do, and what the MRFF has been accomplishing in protecting our troops and Constitution, but this article was verging on a WWF smackdown cheap shot. I understand you’re wanting to attract attention and readers, but please keep it classier. Mr. Norris is a fool to do what he does, imo, and I do not respect him, but stooping to his level and filling an article full of personal insults, this negativity doesn’t look good. Thank you and many blessings for your hard work.

  2. TobyZiegler April 10, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Connie, I’m with you regarding your appreciation and admiration for the round-the-clock vigilance of Mikey and his team at the MRFF in seeking to protect the civil liberties and personal welfare of service members and veterans who daily suffer inhumane treatment, religious discrimination and extremely coercive proselytizing at the hands of superior officers and care-givers, and to defend the Republic and its Constitution against those who would willfully subvert it by tearing down the wall of separation between Church and State and turning our federal agencies, including and especially the armed forces of the United States, into a missionary force in lockstep with the most bigoted and hateful extremes of Dominionist, Fundamentalist Christianity; where I differ from you, however, is your ill-conceived assertion that Mikey should, in your words, “keep it classier.” (And damn if that “keep it classier” refrain doesn’t sound just like an old intellectually and morally vacuous adversary of the Foundation who, if memory serves, uses that same refrain to repeatedly attack the Foundation for its opposition to using the military as federally-mandated missionaries, and by missionaries I mean just like the “missionaries” of the infamous Crusades who reveled in slaughtering both Muslims and Jews.) Further, regarding your assertion that the article verged on “a WWF smackdown cheap shot,” it’s my assertion that a reasonably attentive primary school student could present more coherent arguments on any number of topics than Chuck Norris. It’s not hard to make an imbecilic bigot look bad; hell, Chuck Norris doesn’t need an opponent to make him look bad – his lunatic fringe assertions make the knuckleheads over at the John Birch Society look like reasoned statesmen. Finally, Dear “connie,” where is your critique of Mr. Norris? Do you think Mr. Norris conducts himself with class? It appears to me as though your alleged support for the work of the Foundation is only smoke and mirrors, disguising your real allegiance to a man (Mr. Norris) and a cause (Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christianity) that would take us back to the dark times when Racism, Sexism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia and every other form of hatred and bigotry reigned supreme. What this whole thing boils down to is the reality that Chuck Norris would hate Mikey Weinstein even if Mikey had never formed the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Why? Simply because Mikey is a Jew. Of course Mikey’s advocacy for religious minorities only infuriates Chuck more. But in the end, all Chuck’s vitriol and frothing at the mouth stems from the central fact that he’s a bigot. And as a Jew, like Mikey, I can tell you that, after the Holocaust, we Jews learned the hard way that you don’t fight bigots with kind words and a ready smile. You fight bigots with two fists and a relentless articulation of the truth; and that, dear “connie,” is all Mikey is guilty of here – he engaged a foaming at the mouth, hate-filled bigot with his (figuratively speaking) two fists and a relentless articulation of the truth.

  3. TobyZieglerIsAbigot April 30, 2013 at 9:54 am

    As the gravamen for my case, I submit toby’s entire bigoted rant above. Yes, let’s all revert to the ubiquitously parroted athiest and/or opposing Christian-viewed bullet points of crusades/homophobia/femenism that such people use ad nauseum without considering the following. Firstly, not all people who label themselves as Christian ARE so….Biblically this is spoken of “Not all who cry Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my Father, who art in heaven.”. There is a transformation of heart soul and mindset (Christians still are NOT impervious to sinful thoughts and deeds, but after a true and penitent prayer of salvation, there should be a new self discernment brought about by the Holy Spirit to know when these deeds/thoughts are wrong and soul damaging and worthy of seeking forgiveness from God and to continue working toward sanctification. You can list all the crusades/inquisitions/homophobia you wish, but sinful man-contrived land greed, hate and bloodlust while placing it under the banner of “Christendom” does not a Christian make.

    As a small sampling, imagine the various isolated incidents where regular joe-schmoes have dressed up and pretended to be a police officer and made false pull overs, asserted self-aggrandizing authority and ticketed or harassed fellow citizens. “Well, he claims to be a cop and has a badge, he MUST be a cop! He was a jerk too, that means all cops are bad and corrupt, man! All of them!! Their manuals must teach them to be this way…in fact, here’s a police manual right here, lets see (flip flip flip) ahh, I’ll need to ignore all the parts here about protecting the public and preserving the peace (flip flip flip) nope, nope, that talks about helping stranded motorists (flip flip flip) ah, here’s some words about the ability to discern unlawful behavior and having legal power to pull people over and ticket them! See! they are ALL people-oppressors with holier than thou attitudes!” Now, yes, a bit colorful with this illustration perhaps, but it makes its point. A clouded, faux-Christian, man-made hateful societal “group” mindset that is perverted into gaining land or giving into a depraved sinful bloodlust under God’s banner does not mean these people were truly Christian. Any label or idea can be perverted by anyone invoking that group’s name for personal, self empowering atrocities. Christendom is a battle of the soul, and for moral ideals, not against earthy powers. (Ephesians “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

    Secondly, though the whole homophobia thing is a bit more complex, there is still an applicability of the above paragraph’s indictment of false-notions of Christendom. Yes, there are verses that speak of the willful unapologetic act of homosexuality as sinful and that in and of itself you may or may not agree with, but there are people who claim the title of Christians who hate and fear the PEOPLE themselves and don’t separate the person from the activity/sin. The debate over if the practice of homosexuality is a sin can stick in your craw all you like, but anyone who titles themselves a Christian and they heap wishes of death and hate upon the person, are ostentatiously flouting anti-biblical notions (and please don’t invoke old testament law to me here, the old laws of stoning people from Moses’ Judaic tribes for various sins like adultery, theft, fornication..etc were forfeit after Jesus’ death on the cross. Dealing with sin after Jesus’ sacrifice through a personal relationship with HIM and forgiveness for sin from a GENUINELY penitent Christian is what reconciles a sinner to God, no more death penalty.) That does not mean Christians are not supposed to confront sin and spread the gospel in the world, but as the world gradually shifts into not calling or seeing sin as sin anymore, Christians as a group (the false ones who call themselves such and spread hate and sin themselves along with the obedient ones) will automatically be seen collectively as perpetrators of immoral, bigoted, hatefulness, and that unfortunately is what Mikey Weinstein has done. His kids encountered the equivalent of self-righteous modern “christian” pharisees in the armed services, and Weinstein has grouped all “fundamental” Christians together as a hateful, unpatriotic group. We all know how blanket statements and lumping huge people together under false accusations is a healthy thing, right? (cough cough). The problem is that through bad representatives of a faith system, Mikey (and you, Toby) have simply turned into dogmatic reverse bigots for an entire people based on those who dont truly represent them. As a quick aside, putting Connie’s name in paretheses makes no grammatical sense unless you perhaps think that she’s using a fake name. My guess is that based on your highly sardonic, condescending tone throughout your hate-fueled diatribe, is that your were trying to imply a sarcastic tone to one of your fellow human beings who was simply asking for a grain of non-hypocritical civility from Mr. Weinstein. May I suggest that next time, you place those parentheses around the proper words like:

    my ‘dear’ connie,” or perhaps,
    my ‘friend,’ connie.
    Then your spurious sarcastic condesscention will be properly understood by readers. Good day, sir. :-)

  4. peter May 1, 2013 at 11:31 am

    People who would see Christianity dissolved or not like to here from Christians are new comers to America,as current America was founded by Christians,settled by Christians and until progressives,atheist,liberals,and now communist Democrats recently started the moral decay of the country and ruined its economy,the country was doing just fine,just remember it was Christian republicans that passed all of the civil rights laws and republicans that freed the slaves and it is republicans standing up for the constitution and your freedom of speech.The reason I mention republicans is because they are made up more so of the moral fabric of this country and are mostly Christian and protect Christian values more than the democratic communist.Once the Hispanics and other minorities see the Democrats for you really are you will be finished.You have people so crazy in the democratic party that if you were to show puppies being aborted they would raise more fuss than a human being aborted.They want freedom of choice but not for things they don’t want.Just remember folks,if your ever screaming for help it will be a thousand more times likely that it will be a Christian that comes to help you,weather your in an accident or being raped which you are being currently by the current administration.All I can say is the hypocrisy and stupidity of the left never ceases to amaze me. And the ignorant professors that are left are raping our students minds everyday teaching them nothing but garbage they made up in their silly little pea sized brains.

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