Thank You From An Evangelical USAF Airman

MRFF and Mr. Weinstein,

I am an active duty non-commissioned officer (NCO) , a (NCO rank withheld), in the United States Air Force stationed at (military installation withheld). I am also a devout and believing evangelical Christian. Thank you so very much for your relentless pursuit of protecting my religious freedom civil rights. I never thought I would see my rights trampled on, but then it actually happened. When I saw my beloved Christian faith being maliciously defaced on a car decal belonging to a superior USAF officer on base I presumed that our Military Equal Employment Opportunity Office, the Air Force lawyers (JAG) and/or the Air Force chaplains would quickly take care of it. I was wrong. I was distraught and felt alone. I didn’t know who to call after I was told by Air Force command authorities (including the local base JAG) that it was “OK”, but I knew I couldn’t just sit back & let my Christian faith and religious beliefs be discriminated against and disrespected so publicly. I had heard about the MRFF, but it none of it was good. In fact, even our base chaplain seriously advised me not to reach out to you because he told and warned me that the MRFF was very “anti-Christian”. After visiting and carefully reviewing your website ( , I quickly realized that the MRFF fights for everyone’s freedoms, even evangelical Christians like me and my family! Within just a matter of days, the MRFF had confronted HQ USAF in the Pentagon directly and specifically on my behalf and managaed to do the impossibe. The horrible decal was judged to be wrong and the offending officer was to be told to either remove it or not drive that car on base anymore! I don’t know how the MRFF did it and I don’t care. All I know is that the MRFF got it done from “on high” in Washingtopn D.C. Once again, on behalf of myself and my family and the oath I took to the Constitution, I want to say thank you & God bless the MRFF. I will tell as many other airmen as I can about what the MRFF did for me!

(USAF NCO’s name, rank, AFSC, military unit and military installation all withheld)

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