*Christian Opression in the Armed Forces*

> Dear Mr. Weinstein,
> I wanted to thank you for all the attention you have drawn to your
> organization with regard to the so called Christian menace posed by the
> Armed Forces. You may have single handedly generated more publicity for,
> and curiosity about Christian evangelism than has happened for a long time.
> From the strident, outrageous claims you have made as an ersatz,
> self-appointed Judaizer, one can only conclude that you are indeed a
> blessing in disguise. I would like to see more coverage of all the
> “heinous” crimes being committed, by practicing Christians all over the
> world. We have not had a gift like you since Madeline Murray O’Hare’s
> crusade to obliterate the Christian Gospel from the planet. I also pray
> that you will not experience the same fate as Ms. O’Hare either. You are
> much too valuable to lose before your appointed time.
> Many Christians are of the belief that the U.S. will never be a great
> nation again until its Christians are persecuted to the fullest degree
> possible. The more outrageous your accusations, the more raucous your
> hyperbolic rhetoric is, the better. We need a revival in this country and
> you may be the one who has sparked the flame that will light up a new day
> for Christ.
> I hope and pray that you may have an encounter, as did Saul, on the road
> to Damascus. As you probably know, some of the most radical detractors of
> The Gospel have become its most ardent and eloquent evangelists. Since God
> works in mysterious ways, there is always hope for you and your
> organization. Keep up the good work!
> Yours in Christ,
>(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for taking the time to write us. It seems that you support a
well stimulated free marketplace of ideas. I do as well. It’s a wonderful
thing to live in a country where each group may enter into civil debate
without lobbing mortars to settle disagreements.

I would be quite content to see a new Christian revival in this country.
The growth of that faith would have no ill-effect on my life, and has the
potential to benefit the emotional security of many who choose to
participate. The source of human well-being doesn’t cause me the slightest
trouble, whether those who find it do so in a church, synagogue, mosque or
library. On the other hand though, I would not be content to see such a
revival infiltrate the halls of our government and establish theocratic
rule as so many desire. Our government is designed to remain neutral on
the topic of religion. Sadly, it doesn’t abide by that dictum in many
cases. To see just a glimmer of those instances, please read some of
the letters
of supportwe’ve
received at the MRFF.

I hope that you find great satisfaction in your walk with Jesus, and hope
that you extend the same respect to the rights of your compatriots to find
their own path in life without the force of law telling them otherwise.


Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

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