Christian Opression in the Armed Forces

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

I wanted to thank you for all the attention you have drawn to your organization with regard to the so called Christian menace posed by the Armed Forces. You may have single handedly generated more publicity for, and curiosity about Christian evangelism than has happened for a long time.
From the strident, outrageous claims you have made as an ersatz, self-appointed Judaizer, one can only conclude that you are indeed a blessing in disguise. I would like to see more coverage of all the “heinous” crimes being committed, by practicing Christians all over the world. We have not had a gift like you since Madeline Murray O’Hare’s crusade to obliterate the Christian Gospel from the planet. I also pray that you will not experience the same fate as Ms. O’Hare either. You are much too valuable to lose before your appointed time.
Many Christians are of the belief that the U.S. will never be a great nation again until its Christians are persecuted to the fullest degree possible. The more outrageous your accusations, the more raucous your hyperbolic rhetoric is, the better. We need a revival in this country and you may be the one who has sparked the flame that will light up a new day for Christ.
I hope and pray that you may have an encounter, as did Saul, on the road to Damascus. As you probably know, some of the most radical detractors of The Gospel have become its most ardent and eloquent evangelists. Since God works in mysterious ways, there is always hope for you and your organization. Keep up the good work!
Yours in Christ,
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Keep telling yourself that MRFF’s arrival onto the national scene is good for your cause. Your ‘boost’ is a temporary foaming of right-wing anger. The rise of MRFF is permanent. You’ll have to reckon with us for a loooooooong time, sir.

Casey Weinstein

Dear (name withheld),

Mr. Weinstein, who is quite busy defending the religious freedom of our men and women in uniform, really doesn’t have the time to respond to all of the congratulatory messages coming to the MRFF since the radical religious faux-Christian right began bellowing in outrage at being exposed for subjecting our troops to unwanted and illegal coercive proselytizing. That being so, he has asked me to respond on his behalf to your message.

So please let me say you’re quite welcome. The attention drawn to our work by the squeals of those unused to having their methods exposed to the light has indeed focused significant attention on the difference between legitimate Christian evangelism – the sharing of one’s faith with another in a quiet, private and respectful manner – and the strident, judgmental, coercive attempt to browbeat, shame and frighten our women and men in uniform into acceptance of an unwanted belief system.

Tragic, isn’t it, that some fail to see the difference?

Indeed, some of the most hysterical of this lot have become so panic-stricken in their embarrassment at having had the curtain pulled back on their psuedo-faith that they have descended to the level of anti-Semitic outbursts and utterances that fully dramatize, for anyone who cares to notice, the distance they have traveled from the teachings of Jesus.

So please know your good wishes are completely understood and appreciated. It is deeply satisfying to know how much you value our efforts, as it reassures us that our message is getting to the ears of those that matter. And let me personally assure you that we will continue to do what we can, as the thousands of Christians who list themselves as supporters and members of our organization expect of us, to protect those in the ranks from the kind of people a Christian of the type you reveal yourself to be will easily recognize.

Please have not a moment’s doubt of the respect with which we all regard you.

With your hopes and your prayers fully in mind, I remain,

Mike Farrell

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