Constitutional guarantee of both freedom of religion and freedom > from religion

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

As long as it does not involve the mention of the name of Jesus. You are
no better than the atheists. You spread your hate towards Christians under
the blanket of you own kind of religion. I do not profess religion, I
profess a relationship with Jesus Christ, the one & only way to heaven.
Jesus warned of things like this happening. Just another of his prophecies
coming true. I do not hate you, as so many believe that Christians do, but
you need to understand the true gospel. I will be praying for you & you

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Fortunately, we don’t need to understand your version of the true gospel.
That is the one of the great parts of living in a free country. We are
not the captives of the majority, but rather a free, diverse, independent
society! Wonderful, isn’t it? There is no collective “religion” for us.
That is petty projection on your part. I could have a field day defining
you. I could say that because you do not profess religion you are damned
to an eternity of hell-fire. I could say that your not-so-subtle malice
towards the MRFF compromises your ability to enter the gates of heaven. I
could say that you are an alien in disguise and are a member of a
travelling circus. Each of these statements are just as arbitrary and
absurd as your claims of prophecy, the state mandate for acceptance of
Jesus or our need to interpret your gospel your way. Saying something
doesn’t make it true, regardless of how often or with what degree of
passion. Feel free to say that we are spreading hate towards Christians
under the blanket of some religion. It is an unfounded lie and due
diligence on your behalf or that of the talking heads which have
misinformed you would show you the truth.

Take care,

Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

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