DAILYKOS – Christian Right Default: Blame the Jews

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This past week we saw a remarkable example of the whipping-up of outrage over the alleged persecution of Christians. The story turned out to be bogus. Christian Right leaders are scrambling to recover. And its getting ugly.

It all started when several prominent military reformers met with top brass at the Pentagon to express concern about, among other things, the persistent abuse of the rights of conscience of military personnel, especially by “dominionist” evangelicals. These included Mikey Weinstein, head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and himself a USAF Academy graduate and a former counsel in the Reagan White House, and two members of the MRFF board, retired Lt Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, and former U.S. Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson (who blew the whistle on the fabricated claim that Iraq obtained uranium from Niger, that was part of the justification for war).

Then Fox News falsely reported (further exaggerated and promoted by Breitbart.com) that a new Pentagon policy, under the influence of Weinstein, could lead to the court marshal of evangelicals for sharing their faith. This was quickly shown to be baloney. But The Christian Post went so far as to falsely report that the Pentagon was employing Weinstein to help make policy.  It also attributed Weinstein’s alleged anti-Christian views to his Judaism.

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