Do you ever wonder….

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

Why so many distrust and/or dislike Jews as a group, while counting individuals as friends, without religion playing a role?

It is because of people like you, Mr. Weinstein.

You must have been one hell of a pain in the butt at USAFA and in the Air Force.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Were there actually II before you? Did they actually teach you to talk like this and think like this? Or maybe you had a bad fall? It’s stunning to realize that there are still people who give evidence of their ignorance so readily, even offering it as criticism to people they don’t know personally and whose work they know even less about.

One can forgive ignorance, because the ignorant can be educated. It’s the willfully stupid it’s hard to forgive. And when one claims to have risen in the ranks as your signing statement does, it gives a whole new meaning to the (ret) at the end – a sense of relief at having somehow survived you.

For the record, Mr. Weinstein was very successful at the academy, but that was back before the so-called “Christians” and their coercive tactics became so prevalent. You remember those days, don’t you, when you and others could make snotty anti-Semitic remarks and just think you were clever?

Anyway, after having had a rather successful career, he was propelled into action against the kind of religious bigotry with which you’ve apparently chosen to align yourself. So, no, he wasn’t particularly a “a pain in the butt” at the academy and in the Air Force, but he sure has become one now: a pain in the butt to bigots and the cowards they run with. If the shoe fits, as they say…

Mike Farrell

Hi (name withheld),

My name is Rick Baker. I’m an MRFF volunteer, former Air Force officer and rescue pilot having served two combat tours in Vietnam.

I read your note to Mikey. He’s up to his tie clasp in dealing with the over 33,000 client case complaints we have received from our young men and women in the military who have found themselves in the grasp of superiors who have employed command centered and coercive Christian-based proselytizing to them as part of on-going evangelizing program.

I hope you don’t mind me sitting in for him.

It seems an emerging sect of aggressive and militant Christians, known as “Dominion Christians” has been infiltrating the armed forces, primarily at our service academies and military training facilities and have been illegally and unconstitutionally applying command pressure to convert non Christians and upgrade existing Christians to a higher level of obedience.

Mr. Weinstein founded MRFF following harassment of himself and family at the US Air Force Academy, of which he is an honor graduate, in the hope of curtailing and eventually eliminating religious impropriety in the military. Often this has to be accomplished by ruffling a few feathers. In that regard I’m sure he has been a pain in the ass to certain chains of command.
Despite his Jewishness Mikey has made many friends of many backgrounds and faiths for his efforts in ameliorating the often coercive methods of certain Dominionists to corner and compel our young troops to comply with their religious overtures. On the other hand Mikey has received accolades from highly placed Military and Civilian leaders. Only those who are truly unfamiliar with him and MRFF and those whose improper and unAmerican activities were uncovered continue to disparage him.

I am hopeful you can begin to see that this is not a case of anti-Christianism but a case of anti-Dominionism. If you are not familiar with the term “Dominion Christianity” just google it for a chilling glimpse into religion run amok.

Thank you for your service to our country.

Rick Baker
MRFF Volunteer
USAF (Ret)

Dear (name withheld),

You wrote: “Have you ever wondered…Why so many distrust and/or dislike
Jews as a group, while counting individuals as friends, without religion
playing a role?

It is because of people like you, Mr. Weinstein.

You must have been one hell of a pain in the butt at USAFA and in the Air

Thank you so much for writing. I never tire of reading the imbecilic and
inane e-mails of our intellectually-challenged haters.

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wondered why Anti-Semities and
other bigots blame their victims? Of course you haven’t. You lack the
intellectual and moral instincts to question your own bigotry – your
all-consuming vacuity precludes you from examining why you blame those you
hate for your own hatred. But of course this isn’t all that unusual, even
Hitler blamed the Jews for his hatred of them. Martin Luther blamed his
burning hatred of the Jews on the Jews’ refusal to abandon their religious
convictions, so I suppose you’re in good company there; it’s worth noting
though that Luther also had an intense and longstanding anal fixation, so
that’s something maybe you should look out for as well – just a friendly
word of caution.

That fact that someone like you, someone who blames the Jews for being
oppressed, rose to the rank of Colonel just illustrates the scope of the
scourge of Fundamentalist/Dominionist oppression that permeates the
military today. You say Mr. Weinstein must have been a “pain in the butt”
during his years at the Air Force Academy – I’m curious, do you mean when a
group of good, Fundamentalist Christian thugs beat him nearly to death at
the Academy for being a “Christ-killer” that he was being a “pain in the
butt?” Does being targeted for hate, bigotry and oppression make one a
“pain in the butt?” Of course any intelligent human being knows the answer
to that question. However, you’re not an intelligent human being. You’re
just one more Inquisitor blaming the Jew for making him (the Inquisitor)
torture the Jew. You’re just one more morally and intellectually vacuous
imbecile who blames the Jews for his own Anti-Semitism. But that’s okay. If
you want to play arm-chair bigot, that’s your prerogative. However, while
you spew ignorance from home, we will be busy exposing religious thugs like
you in the U.S. Military and Department of Veterans Affairs, and we will be
using the U.S. Constitution and existing laws to kick your moronic asses
from here to the next millennium, and we’re not going to stop until we make
the U.S. Armed forces and Department of Veterans Affairs safe for people of
all faiths and no faith at all. You can bark your ignorance from the
sidelines all you want, but it only serves to fuel the fire of justice that
burns in our bellies.

So thanks again for your e-mail; it gave me the energy to escape the boring
calm of a vacation day and got me back fighting for the cause. Thanks to
you, I’m back to work rooting out and exposing religious thugs.

Most Affectionately,

Akiva David Miller
Director of Veterans Affairs
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Dear (name withheld),
Thank you for your service to our country.

I do not believe it appropriate to judge an entire religion based on the action of one, or a few. If that were the case, since Adolf Hitler was a Lutheran, everyone could hate Lutherans. And, in fact, there is no religion free of people who have misrepresented the principles of their faith.

Having said that, I must tell you that, as a veteran who experienced anti Semitic actions while in the military, the support of the MRFF and Mikey Weinstein would have been greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, there are officers who do not understand the principles of freedom of religion, nor do they appreciate the contributions of service men and women who have non-Christian religious beliefs or no religious beliefs at all. When killed in the line of duty, their blood is as red and sacred as that of any Christian soldier. Look through the annals of US military history, and there are many non-Christian heroes. I would hope that, as a former commanding officer, you would have appreciated their service as much as that of any Christian service person.

Rabbi Arthur W. Flicker
Congregation B’nai Israel

Dear (name withheld):
I have had the opportunity to read your message to Mikey Weinstein and I feel compelled to respond. First, thank you for your service. However, I am hoping that you can explain to me how any group can be hated generally even if individuals can be liked “without religion playing a role.” It seems apparent that you may have some friends “even though they are Jewish” or “even though they are Athiests.” If that is the case, I have no doubt that religion does not play a role in the friendship because it is unlikely that you allow these “friends” to discuss their religion (or lack thereof). While you may have “token” Jewish “friends” in order to somehow prove that you are not prejudiced, your message speaks volumes. After all, by your own words you are reflecting your own personal dislike of Mr. Weinstein upon all people of the Jewish faith. Prejudice is prejudice and it is impossible to dislike any group while simultaneously insisting that individual from within that group are “friends.”
Regarding your claim that Mr. Weinstein “must have been one hell of a pain in the butt at USAFA and in the Air Force,” I simply invite you to reflect on how many “pains in the butt” have previously changed history. Rosa Parks was certainly a “pain in the butt” to the white person who wanted her seat. The 13 plaintiffs in Brown v. Board of Education were likely considered to be “pains in the butt” to those supporting school segregation. Nelson Mandela may still be considered to be a “pain in the butt” in South Africa. And Susan B. Anthony was a “pain in the butt” to both men and women on the issue of women’s suffrage.
I guess the point can be summarized as this: People who simply shut up and follow along never inspire positive change.
Tobanna Barker

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