long overdue apology

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

I would like to apologize. Its rare for me to find such hatred towards people that you don’t even know, I used to be ignorant and think those people were just plain old mean but then I realized something must have happened to cause a change. I don’t know the history of those who work in your organization but my guess is that you’ve all come across somebody who claimed to be a Christian but then did something very bad that a Christian would not do. I apologize for them, a lot of Christians are hypocrites and shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to spirituality I assure you that we aren’t all bad, the good Christians are actually fun to be around regardless of religious affiliations. I don’t agree with most of what you guys and Mikey Weinstein stand for I find it an affront to what this country stands for but I’m not gonna argue, you’ve been wronged by Christians and as a Christian I would like to apologize for their behavior. If you’ve read this far I appreciate yoou taking the time to read this, I bet you get a lot of emails, I would be grateful if you forward this to Mikey Weinstein I’m also interested in hearing Mikey Weinstein’s story it would be interesting to hear from him and talking to him about why he hates Christianity (I apologize if that is too strong of a word) though I understand if he doesn’t have the time.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Since you seem to appreciate the fact that some who call themselves Christians do not truly or positively represent the teachings of Jesus, I find it hard to understand why you would allow yourself to fall into their trap. They want you to believe, because Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF oppose them and their tactics, that it means we are anti-Christian. Given your statement here, you appear to have bought their propaganda and I’m sorry for that.

Instead of apologizing for the charlatans who have so abused the message of Jesus, I’d like to suggest that you’d do more for true Christianity by reading the mission statement of the MRFF and joining our effort to protect the religious freedom of the men and women in the military by unmasking and disempowering the demagogues who corrupt the message of Jesus that you hold so dear.

Mike Farrell

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