Tell Mikey that isn’t the only son who couldn’t compare to their father. I’m sure he forgives Mikey. Good luck because God is pretty Pissed off!

(name withheld)

Dear Mr. (name withheld),

I’m a bit unclear about the message you sent to Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF. I believe you left out a word or two that might have made it intelligible. While I did understand that “he forgives Mikey,” what isn’t clear is who “he” is.

Your wish for “good luck” is appreciated, thanks. But having tied it to the thought that “God is pretty pissed off” again raises a couple of questions: 1) Who is God pissed off at and why?; 2) How do you come to possess this kind of knowledge?

I look forward to learning more.

Mike Farrell

Dear (name withheld),

As a Christian supporter of Mikey and MRFF I find your email quite interesting, even if it is all too common among self-professed Christians. Please let me know if the following rings a bell with you:

-You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Anyone?….Anyone?….yes that’s right. In one of the shortest emails we have received you have managed to take a hard whack at one of the ten Judeo/Christian commandments. Speaking on behalf of God, although apparently enjoyable and a significant characteristic of many, if not all, of the Christian Dominionist we deal with here at MRFF, is still very un-Christian. However, I (unlike yourself) have no idea how God feels about your action and I will not be speaking on his behalf.

Peace be with you,
Andy Kasehagen

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