“military religious freedom foundation”

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

So many on the Right are so PISSED that we have a (half) African president, states allowing gay marriage, and an end to DADT, that they just spew violent venom wherever and however they can, whether its logical or not. It’s like a deranged teenager who is so angry that everything is not how he wants it to be in his tiny, myopic, self-centered world that he goes berserk punching out windows, putting holes in walls, and smashing mother’s china regardless of the fact that said window, walls, and china have done nothing to provoke such destruction. To these types, it is all part of a larger plan of Leftists, Socialists and Jews to rid the United States of Christianity and turn us into Iceland or some other terrible, gay-loving, church-snubbing, weaponless Communist haven. Of course, the rich and powerful elite of the Right could give two shits about God, Jesus or the Church, but they know the only way to get the masses to ally with them is to stir up the fear mongering, and what better way than to use religion? Nothing scares the trailer park more than threatening their right to semi-automatic weapons and the Ten Commandments on the courthouse walls.

(USAF Official’s name, rank, AFSC and assigned installation all withheld)

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