Dear Mikey,

Praying that God would soften your hearts and that you discover the love and peace that the gospel of Jesus Christ provides.

In Christ,
(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

How’s everything in Scottsdale? I hope life is going well for you.

Your message to the MRFF is apparently based on a couple of your beliefs.

One is that those working to protect the men and women in our military from being coerced into accepting or pretending to accept a religious view they do not share, have hard hearts. You’re mistaken in that belief. The people I know and admire associated with the MRFF have hearts of exactly the same texture, tissue construction and functionality as yours. If there’s a difference between your heart and theirs, I suspect it may be that theirs is bigger.

Your other belief seems to indicate that those doing this urgently important work do not know love and peace, or at least do not know that which you believe “the gospel of Jesus Christ provides.” Again, you’re mistaken. Most of the members and supporters of the MRFF are Christians, a fact that may surprise you. They are Catholics and Protestants, some of them evangelicals, and they enjoy all the love and peace their beliefs provide, which is easily equal to that which you enjoy. Others are Jews, Muslims, and people of other faiths, and, though it again may surprise you, they also enjoy the love and peace their beliefs bring to them, and enjoy it to a degree at least equal to yours.

Beyond that, some of our members and supporters enjoy agnosticism, atheism and other forms of philosophical belief (or non-belief) systems and, surprise again, their lives are filled with love and peace as well, despite the strident attempts on the part of some zealots to berate them into accepting a faith they find repulsive and hypocritical.

So, while I’m sure that from your point of view your prayers and the rather arrogant assumption included in them are well-intended, it would be nice if you’d consider praying for something else, something like open-mindedness and love for one’s fellow human being no matter her or his belief or lack thereof.

In any event, enjoy the heat.

Mike Farrell

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