on religious freedom

ok, I have a question for Mr. Weinstein

why do you say that, spreading a faith (christianity in this case) through non coercive means (just talking about it on a conversation) equals ”spiritual rape” and ”treason”? I do agree that forcing someone to accept a religion IS spiritual rape, but, if there are two people talking about religion, and one convinces the other, isn’t it valid and fair? and, wouldn’t religious freedom INCLUDE christianity, because your quotes seem to imply that christianity should be excluded from it

thanks for your time

(name withheld)

P.D: if I misunderstood something then please forgive me, but, can you explain it more clearly? and please, with all due respect don’t use the excuse of ”that lying media” again, thanks for your time

Hi (name withheld),

MRFF is not talking about casual conversations with friends or associates dealing with religion or faith. We advocate for Chaplain service and placement of chapels and other venues dedicated to the various religions practiced by our military members.

We speak only of the efforts of an emerging sect of Christianity known as “Dominion Christians,” a militant and aggressive organization which has infiltrated the armed forces and is currently directing command centered and coercive Christian proselytizing to our young men and women in the military primarily but not exclusively at our service academies and military training facilities.

We are currently addressing over 39,000 client case complaints relative to this gross violation of the UCMJ and the U.S. Constitution.

It is MRFF’s mission to insure that each member of the armed forces receives the freedom of religion guaranteed by the constitution without unwelcome proselytizing or coercion.
Please remember that any material emanating from MRFF negatively referencing Christianity is directed at the Dominion Christians and not the good Christians we have come to know.

Rick Baker
MRFF Volunteer
USAF (Ret)

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