Regarding your note to Mr. Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Inbox (with a response by MRFF Director of Veterans Affairs, Akiva David Miller)

Dear Mikey,

You sir have stirred up a pot of cow manure. You have created a worse situation for anyone Jewish/Hebrew in the military. There has always been forms of racism in the world our military and society. With your acts of following this Godless government and President, who thinks he is God, you have opened a can of worms you can not control. My son’s in the military had been cursed, shamed, and threatened in the past for merely being Jewish/Hebrew and this by non christian’s as well as those claiming to be christian’s. You sir have caused a problem to become worse. You can not see the hatred you have created. This is why the world makes US out to be veil and evil people. Thank you for making the situation even worse. Antisemitism is are ready growing in this country and around the world, and you have just unleashed another monster upon your own people. You sir, are not serving Hashem/Jehovah/God, but you are serving Azazel, Semjaza and Sariel to follow after and work for the false god and god’s of this world and the moon god Allah, whom your President serves. May the Father of all Spirit’s have mercy on your soul and your children’s soul’s.

P.S. Please not the scripture below my name, I too am a Jew/Hebrew who follows Messiah Christ the Elect One the Holy One the Anointed One and Hashem/Jehovah/Adonai His Father the Lord of Spirit’s is the One and only GOD. You follow after your god the adversary satan.”

(name withheld)

Dearest (name withheld),

My name is Akiva David Miller; I am an Orthodox Jew and the Director of Veterans Affairs for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to respond to your recent note. As a Jew, I must confess that I greet with particular pleasure all notes from fellow Jews, even those who have sadly sunk to pathological self-loathing.

As the saying goes, there is no Anti-Semite like a Jewish Anti-Semite; tragically this is true, and you have demonstrated its truth.

Since the days of Constantine radical Christian Fundamentalists of one stripe or another have practiced their mindless hatred of the Jews: they’ve used confinement in locked, squalid ghettos, forced expulsions, coerced conversions, stealing infants from their Jewish parents, baptizing them and turning them over to Christian families to raise them as Christians, violence, burning of Jewish homes, synagogues and Jewish holy books, pogroms, Crusades, the Inquisition and the constant threat and practice of genocide. Both radical, Fundamentalist Catholics and Protestants have engaged in these acts of hatred and terror throughout the centuries. And of course the Twentieth Century brought us the Holocaust, which was made possible by Europe’s institutionalized Jew hatred which had been learned at the altar of rabid, radical, Fundamentalist Christianity.

Over the centuries countless Jews suffered in silence, and some weaker Jews even stooped to selling their souls to the Church in the hope they’d be spared future suffering. Of course both the Inquisition and the Holocaust demonstrated clearly that those Jews who converted to Christianity in hopes of avoiding future suffering were only deluding themselves. Both the Church and the Nazis proved that even if a Jew is willing to betray his heritage he still remains both a Jew and a target. And while you’ve taken the betrayal a step further and joined the radical, Fundamentalist Christians in their pathological Jew hatred, this just makes you another self-loathing Jew with the same, ancient Jew-target tattooed on your forearm.

In contrast to your own pathological weakness and self-loathing, Mr. Weinstein and I have taken a lesson from both radical, Fundamentalist Christianity’s long, rich history of Anti-Semitism and intransigence, and we have decided to fight back. We have decided to fight back, not just for ourselves, not just for our families and friends, but for every single person marginalized by the world-class bigots who fill the radical, Fundamentalist/Dominionist Christian pews today. Israel’s prophets famously demanded that we should not only demand justice for ourselves, but for the underdogs, for the marginalized, for the little guy squeezed and crushed by people in power. And in the U.S. Military and Department of Veterans Affairs, the Fundamentalist/Dominionist Christians in positions of power have been illegally, unconstitutionally and immorally inflicting their bigoted religious beliefs and practices on too many for too long (and it’s worth noting that 96% of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s well over 33,000 clients are practicing Protestants and Roman Catholics who are being oppressed for not being “Christian enough!”). Fundamentalist/Dominionist Christian predators have been engaged in religious and spiritual rape for far too long and all you can do is essentially tell the victim that if they’d just consent there would be no rape. Well, I am here to tell you that you can take your self-loathing moral vacuity and shove it up your ass. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is here to ensure that this spiritual rape ends now. We believe in the righteousness of our cause and we will not be deterred by comments from a pathological coward.

Wishing you all the best in your personal pursuit of moral poverty.


Akiva David Miller

Director of Veterans Affairs

Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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