Thank you Mike for all that you do Sir!

Dear Mike:
I cannot imagine a Military without the efforts of your/our Organization. The suffering thousands go through in the Military because they are a woman, have a ‘Muslim Sounding Name’ (Which Proves the IGNORANCE of many on the ‘Right’ and proves the Ignorance and Power Struggle we will go through for years to come because ‘The Right will Refuse to give up POWER. It is in their Nature and DNA’. Fact), and those of us who simply ‘REFUSE TO LISTEN TO A BUNCH OF RIGHT WING WACKO’S WHO WANT TO CONTROL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE & their very thoughts, ESPECIALLY THOSE IN UNIFORM’. We all have a right to Pray to our OWN God. Have our OWN Belief’s. Our OWN BIBLE!!! Go to our OWN CHURCH!

I have family members who are Republican and who are “Extremely Religious Right Wing Wacko’s”. They have DEMANDED I go to ‘Their Church’ or they will not see me or my wife of 37 years (she is Italian Catholic and we go to Church every Sunday and help Under-Privileged Children as well as Homeless Veterans and others. It is NOT enough for them! Therefore, I am left with No Family on my mother’s side! This is stupid, unfair, ignorant, and EVIL! Even our Bible isn’t the ‘Right’ one, they say! Wow!

I left the Military because of the pressures of specific ‘groups’ and I look back and wonder what my life would have been like if I’d have been given a chance to ‘RE-UP’ and stay in the military and RETIRE as a one star general. That is what my commanders (supervisors: Lt. General Charles P. Otstott, Major Willis, Cpt. Ledfors) all said I’d amount to in the military! I LOVED my JOB. I loved my COUNTRY! My Italian wife of 37 years LOVES AMERICA too. I met her the first day I arrived in Germany reporting to 1/46th Infantry Division and cannot Imagine ‘The Pressure’ which I would have been under if a ‘Group of Right Wing Religious Fanatics’ would have met me in the Barracks and explained to me what THEY WANTED ME TO DO AND WHAT THEY EXPECTED OF ME BY WAY OF BEING AN UPSTANDING ‘RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS MEMBER FOLLOWING “THEM” VS FOLLOWING MY GOD, MY CHURCH, MY GOALS AND DREAMS WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Why is the Pentagon allowing these groups to put so much pressure on these men and women? It is a Federal Issue. When one puts on THE UNIFORM OF THE MILITARY THAT PERSON works for the US Government, the Federal Government, America, Taxpayers. The Military should NEVER be infiltrated by ‘A Right Wing Group’ with one thing on their minds: POWER! This must end! Under GW Bush this was allowed to flourish because the President didn’t care. Didn’t read. Simply allowed ‘His Party’ to take CONTROL with tremendous POWER of the Military! Using the Bible and its ‘words’ and meaning to wage WAR! This is insanity and not something GOD would approve of to be sure. These same people are HYPOCRITS and I won’t drop names here but, we know who they are & what they have done by way of SIN/s!

Thank you Mike….Keep on fighting for TRUTH, FREEDOM, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Thought and Expression. You are the only one who can stop the madness!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

As your message suggests you know, Mikey and the MRFF staff are very busy trying to protect the religious freedom of our men and women in uniform, so I hope you won’t mind if I respond to your generous words on their behalf.

This is, as your personal experience shows, an extraordinarily tough fight against a deeply ingrained belief system that will not listen to reason and is dedicated to winning over the “evil” they insist is in control of all who don’t see things their way. In my view, it has all the earmarks of cult-like behavior.

So, given the vile and pernicious nonsense we are confronted with from them, receiving your message is like getting a warm bath and a gentle massage. Thanks very, very much for what Mikey referred to as your “beautiful and inspiring words.” As he said, you are a “fine gent” and your support gives us hope and the knowledge that we will prevail despite the ugliness currently inveighing against us.

Our best to you and your wife.

Thanks for being there.

Mike Farrell

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