Thank you Mike for all that you do Sir!

Dear Mikey,

Thank you Mike..Keep on fighting for TRUTH, FREEDOM, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Thought and Expression. You are the only one who can stop the madness!

(name withheld)

Dear Mikey,

True words, Mikey, from this veteran. There needs to be a mindset change in
this nation if we are going to move forward, people don’t understand the
duplicity of their opinions. Just yesterday, having a beer with some of my
husband’s airmen after work, one of the young men described to me all in the
same 15 minute conversation 1)how he was perpetually harassed and bullied in
the small Alabama town in which he grew up because his father is Mexican and
thus they have an Hispanic last name, 2) that Obama is taking away most
basic American freedoms we have enjoyed since our founding, and 3) he and
his wife will be sending their daughter to a certain school rather than
another school because the kids are still required to pray before eating
lunch (this is a PUBLIC school, mind you). I said nothing, but it amazes me
that someone can complain about freedoms being taken away and then rejoice
that he has found a public institution which forces children to pray–all
from a man who has known the suffering of being a minority! I would have
asked him what a Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist or other non-Christian
child must feel like at that school during Christian prayer time and if he
believes they would suffer the same humiliations he did as an “outsider”,
but I know he would not have understood what I meant. Another case of

(name withheld)

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