True Freedom

I am amazed at how certain groups in this country have rights and freedoms,
while others are persecuted for their belief in truth. It really sounds
like hate talk from your organization. I do not hate you. The evangelism
that you are so afraid of , is actually just an out pouring of love for
humanity. If you saw a person about to step in front of a bus, wouldn’t you
want to try and save them ? Call me what you want and talk about me as if I
am the problem. The problem in this country is a problem of the heart,
truth is relative to what each individual thinks it is. Our values and
morals are slipping away with each new day. As a Christian , my only motive
is to help those who are suffering and in pain find comfort and peace
beyond comprehension. Look up all the original documents and letters
concerning the founding of our country, you might just be amazed why we
have been blessed so much as a country. This fight you are fighting in the
argument of the constitution is actually quite backwards of the actually
truth. The movement to take God out of government and schools just started
in the 1960′ s. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. Look up
David Barton in Texas. He has the hand written letters and original
documents from all our founding fathers and proof to show that the
government not only believed in our founding fathers Christain beliefs, but
also made it manditory for all schools to teach the bible.I will continue
to pray for this country and you despite your hatred of me.

With Christ’s Love
(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld) …

You seem to be under the mistaken impression that David Barton has access to documents that other researchers and historians don’t have access to. This is what Barton wants his followers to believe when he boasts about his personal library of over 100,000 documents, but it is simply not true.

What Barton owns consists primarily of early printings of books, pamphlets, and other documents. It’s an impressive collection to be sure, but it doesn’t mean that Barton is the only person who has access to these documents. It just means that he owns original copies of them, but so do many other libraries and archives. In over a decade of debunking Barton’s revisionist version of history, I have had no problem finding any of the books and documents that he cites in his footnotes from other sources – the Library of Congress, other libraries and archives, and old books in which letters that have since fallen into private hands were recorded before they ended up in private collections like Barton’s.

In my own books, I cite exactly the same sources that Barton cites in his, and I’ve made images of all the sources listed in the footnotes of my first book – most of which are exactly the same sources listed by Barton in the footnotes in his books – available on my website. If you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself. Just go to my footnote archive at and compare my footnotes to those in Barton’s books Original Intent and The Myth of Separation.

You can also download free PDFs of my books, which I decided to make freely available to those who can’t afford them or are skeptical and don’t want to buy them but might read them if they are free.

Here are the links to download the books. (The first one is the book where you can follow and check my footnotes for yourself in my footnote archive.)

If you take the time to check for yourself, you’ll see that I, and every other researcher and historian, have access to exactly the same documents that Barton has convinced his followers only he has access to.

All that Barton’s personal library means is that he has the money to by original copies of old books and documents and an occasional original copy of a letter written by one of the founders. It does not mean that he is the only person with access to copies of these documents and letters, nor does his owning copies of them mean that he’s not lying about what they say.

I really do hope you’ll decide to check Barton’s claims for yourself so that you can make up your own mind about who’s telling the truth.

Chris Rodda
Senior Research Director
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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