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Hello, Mikey. Just to let you know I have added you to my prayer list, and am praying for you and your whole family as well. I know well the NWO agenda for my nation, and how they will use the US military for martial law. My famous USAF military father was recruited into it, unfortunately, and brought home NWO agenda rantings from the Pentagon every single day.

“Everyone who believes in God (and Jesus) should be sent to the detention camps,” he would rant after coming home from NWO indoctrination in Washington DC. He never wanted Jesus spoken of in our Alexandria VA home. He threatened me continually because of my Christian faith and witness. But as a result, I only grew more determined to follow Him.

And of course, the prisoner boxcars with shackles and detention camps I have documented extensively throughout the years, will be used someday in America for exactly that:round up the Christians and send to to the camps!

I and my fellow Christians have been marked for destruction under coming martial law. Very Bolshevik style…and sadly history repeats itself, this time on American soil.

It sounds to me, from reading statements you have made, that you are most definitely on the NWO/martial law bandwagon. And determined to destroy Christianity from the US military…and perhaps destroy Christians with it?

I certainly know the agenda. Noahide laws/military guillotines and all………Quite a Zionist/Talmudic/kill the Christians agenda, clearly.

Dear Mikey, if you are on the side of the NWO and the martial law agenda, you are on the eternally losing side. Jesus IS the ONLY MESSIAH that God will ever send to the Jews, and the only Savior of the world as well. He is eternally THE MESSIAH, He loves you and He died for your sins as well as mine. How many of my Jewish friends have discovered the true joys of knowing Jesus as their true Messiah! He is real.

And what if you are wrong about Him? And what if you have to stand before Almighty God for your role in fighting against the Messiah of the Jewish people and the Savior of the world? What if you have to give an account for all His followers that YOU have helped to persecute? Jesus the Messiah taught, “Fear God, Who has the power to destroy body and soul IN HELL. I say to you, FEAR HIM.”

It will take more than the threats of prisoner boxcars with shackles, guillotines, and deathcamps under martial law, or military court martial to stop the Christian witness to America, the US military…and the world. We cannot be silenced from the world’s scene. Even death itself cannot silence the Christian witness. Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross…yet His testimony to the world continues to this very day! The blood of the Christian martyrs remains the seed of the Church to this very day.

Communists tried for 7 decades to crush Christianity in the former Soviet Union, and failed. Their efforts will fail once again in America. You can’t fight against Almighty God and His Mashiach/Messiah, and hope to win, Mikey.

I remember making a pilgrimage to Dachau twice, on behalf of all the Jews and others who tragically died there. My heart grieved for all they suffered under the horrific Nazi regime. And I too said in my heart, “NEVER AGAIN.”

But now it is MY Christian people facing the deathcamps solely for our faith and nothing else, here in America. I see the same type of agenda as used by the Bolsheviks and the Nazis as well, using prisoner trains and deathcamps in America’s future,to eliminate all perceived (and misperceived) enemies of the coming NWO.

I find it most tragic that here in America, wherein you have so many Christians praying for the Jews and for Israel and voicing their support for Israel, that so many Jews in this nation have been secretly working on this NWO Zionist agenda which will sentence these very same Christians to death for their faith and confession of Jesus Christ as Son of God and Messiah. I understand perfectly the purposes of the many modern guillotines in America, and the Noahide Laws that accompany them. And it does not deter me from MY faith. Jesus Christ IS the Messiah, He IS divine, and He IS God in the flesh, and I indeed worship Him as my Lord and Savior, sent of God to save the world from sin.

Very sad, the camps and the guillotines for the Christians who love the Jews and are praying for Israel. A true betrayal of people’s love and good will, indeed.

But nothing will deter the faith of THE TRUE FOLLOWER of Jesus the Messiah. Let us die in the camps for Him, if needs be, Who also suffered and died for us. You will find it is impossible to eradicate Christianity from the face of the earth. because whatsoever is born of God is ETERNAL and can NEVER be destroyed.

Continuing to pray for God to open your eyes to THE TRUTH……..

Your friend, (name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I understand that you are very passionate about your beliefs. That’s wonderful. I hope that your version of the truth gives you satisfaction in life, and the strength to treat others with dignity and respect. From the contents of your e-mail though, it seems that you are more than slightly delusional. If your father ranted about any new world order agenda at home, he certainly didn’t express it in his public work. Adding to that, your theory of a concerted effort to usurp authority from our government with the force of martial law (as distant from reality as it is) is so incredibly far from the MRFF mission I can only say that I hope you can take the time to read up a bit on what our organization is about.

There are no cattle cars or shackles ready to cart away Christians. There is no grand conspiracy to set the end times fantasies in motion. Your attempt to juxtapose the position of Christians in America with the victims of the Holocaust is despicable. Truly, unforgivably amoral. I say amoral instead of immoral, because it is quite apparent that you are not just in breach of an ethical code, but lack one.

I have seen many off the rails rants from people sending hate mail, but you’ve assembled the most bizarre combination of conspiracy theories I’ve seen yet. Pascal’s wager is almost always thrown about, many people accuse the MRFF of being tyrannical, but you have gone full blown batshit crazy with your assertions about Christian death camps being readied for operation….there’s just no reality in it. Sorry. None.

I hope this was a joke on your part. If not, wow. Just, wow.

Take care,

Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

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