Wake up!!!!!

Dear MRFF,

All I can say is that what you people are doing is wrong. I’m a christian and I don’t want harm to come to anyone. But what your saying on your interviews is outrageous. I served in 2 branches of the military and done my time over seas and was medically retired and I PRAISE GOD that I made it back and spend the rest of my life with my family. After 18 years I never seen anything that you have talked about. No one crams religion down your throat. Especially Christianity. You don’t protect anything is all y’all are doing is stirring a pot of crap. Everything you say is nothing but lies. We protect the USA not any kind of religion. You and all your brain washed followers need to wake up. My family and I can’t wait for JESUS to come back. Read the bible and thank you with your actions and what your trying to do I know it’s getting closer every day. Stay out of the military’s business and let people believe in what they want, because at the end of the day it’s BETWEEN THEM AND GOD. We will be praying that GOD will open your eyes. You need a lot of prayer right now. Obama is the worst president in HISTORY. The day his term is up the world will be a lot BETTER OFF. He’s like you, he wants AMERICA to fall and I know this much I AND EVERYONE I KNOW WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

Dear (name withheld),

Thanks for your service to America and your note to MRFF.

My name is Rick Baker and I’m an MRFF volunteer, former Air Force Officer and rescue pilot having served two combat tours in Vietnam.

I’m quite familiar with our constitution, military regulation and the UCMJ.

What MRFF is talking about is an emerging sect of Christianity known as “Dominion Christianity.” If you are not familiar with this term just Google it for a chilling glimpse into religion gone bad. We have no quarrel with those good Christians we have come to know in the military and assist in our efforts to ensure that each military member has the freedom of religion guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Christian Dominionists have been infiltrating our armed forces, primarily our service academies and military training facilities. Certain officers belonging to this sect have been directing command centered and coercive Christian-based proselytizing to our young lower grade men and women. This is unconstitutional, illegal and a gross violation of the UCMJ.

Under law, the US Government, including the armed forces and public education, may not favor, promote or proselytize one religion over another or religion over non religion.

MRFF is currently addressing over 33,000 client case complaints from our young Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves who have found themselves in the clutches of superior officers who use their rank and position to coerce them into religious activities which they do not welcome.

Also may I suggest you go easy on the implied threats you made against President Obama. We know he is not popular among many conservatives but he is duly elected by a big majority and the office of president deserves more respect from you.

MRFF does not want America to fail. I would like to see everyone pulling together to help make America better. We should not let our petty prejudices get in the way.

Rick Baker
MRFF Volunteer
USAF (Ret)

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