(name withheld)

Dear person who wrote the above message in the name of (name withheld),

Mr. Weinstein has more important work to do than responding to juvenile attacks, but I hope you won’t mind if I waste a bit of my time responding to this silliness in the hope that it somehow reaches someone with a brain.

Mr. Weinstein, a longtime Republican who was President Reagan’s White House Counsel, has no relationship with President Obama except to have been in contact with leaders of the U.S. Armed Forces currently serving under him. The purpose of that contact has been to protect the religious freedom of those serving in our military from zealous religious fundamentalists who believe anyone who doesn’t share their particular view – a deeply distorted and dangerous view – of Christianity must be frightened, threatened, coerced or otherwise seduced into accepting their religious viewpoint.

For whoever you are to so misunderstand things as to be moved so send this asinine message, I’m certain Mr. Brown will be chagrined to have had his name associated with such a totally ignorant attempt to express disagreement.


Mike Farrell

(name withheld),


Now, seriously, is that a nice thing to say about a man who was an honor graduate of the US Air Force Academy, an Air Force Judge Advocate for over ten years and White House Counsel to President Reagan for three years?

Mikey’s goal and our mission at MRFF is to guarantee that each and every member of the military receives the religious freedom guaranteed by the US Constitution. Any attempt by supervisory personnel to proselytize one religion over another or religion over non-religion is a violation of Supreme Court ruling Lemon Vs. Kurzman 1971 which prohibits such activity.

MRFF steps in only when illegal and unconstitutional activity is detected in the military. MRFF makes no effort to disturb bona fide religious practice in the armed forces and any reference to disorderly Christian activity is directed at those who practice and proselytize a militant and aggressive form of Christianity we have come to know as “Dominion Christianity.” If you are not familiar with this term please google it for a chilling glimpse into religion run amok.

Rick Baker
MRFF Volunteer
Capt. US Air Force (Ret)

Don’t try to sugarcoat it. He and is organization have spewed lies for years. This country was founded on Christian principles and values……we’re not about to stand by and let this scumbag destroy that.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

America was not founded on Christian principles. It was founded as a secular nation in which all religious could flourish but none dominate.

America has a Christian majority but constitutionally, with the separation of church and state, it has no more position or power than any other religion.

That’s why it is important that MRFF keep an active watch on people such as yourself and the organizations to which they belong.

Many Christians, most known as “Dominion Christians,” believe America should be run by Christians and only Christian men be allowed to govern. In addition, the American Constitution would be replaced by Mosaic Law.

This is dangerous thinking indeed. So when MRFF receives complaints relevant to aggressive and coercive behavior by groups or individuals in the military who attempt to compromise the beliefs of others we intervene based on law and constitutional provision to bring such activity to a halt and the perpetrators neutralized.

Now, imagine you are a lower four grade member of the armed forces. Your immediate supervisor comes to you and asks what your religious beliefs are. You tell him you are Christian. He says “Have you never thought about learning the truth and seeking the love and protection of Allah? I want you to join us this evening at the Mosque and meet the true God. I won’t take no for an answer if you value your position and career in the military!”

Believe it or not this is not a rare or occasional happening but is commonplace in many government venues.

A person’s firm belief in his chosen religion is an admirable trait until this faith becomes toxic.

Despite your beliefs they are no more valid under law than any of the many others practiced in America.

America’s diversity and religious tolerance is what makes us great.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer.

One of your buddies, Mike Farrell, said he was hoping to not hear from me again. Just so you know, I didn’t canvass for your email, but you assholes seem to keep wanting to hear from me. The only organization I belong to is the VFW, which is an organization who does not share your extremist views and who does not welcome you at all. So you can keep watching people like me because we are certainly keeping our eyes on people and organizations like you. You people are obviously delusional. There is no such group within the US military, I repeat, within the US military, wanting to take over the military or this country as you say they do. Your statement and I quote “Now, imagine you are a lower four grade member of the armed forces. Your immediate supervisor comes to you and asks what your religious beliefs are. You tell him you are Christian. He says “Have you never thought about learning the truth and seeking the love and protection of Allah? I want you to join us this evening at the Mosque and meet the true God. I won’t take no for an answer if you value your position and career in the military!”, is nothing short of bullshit and your organization trying to brainwash the military and the American people. It isn’t working and soon the MRFF will be discredited and exposed for what it really is. Your assertions that there are unconstitutional religious influences in relation to military training, assignment, advancement and retention, including attempts to proselytize any religious belief within the military structure is pure bullshit. Petitions have already been sent to the DoD, you have already been exposed on cable news as well as on Facebook. You will continue to be scrutinized extremely closely.

(name withheld)

(name withheld), thanks for your response.

I, too, am a VFW member. The members at my post frown on one-sided religious activity.

As for my “buddy” Mike Farrell wanting to hear from you, it’s entirely possible he wants to hear from you so he can practice responding to some pretty one sided and bigoted views.

Christian Supremacy is no better than Islamic Supremacy and your prejudicial views confirm that.

I’m actually feeling a little sorry for you right now and how far out of the mainstream you have gone. Here’s hoping you come around nd realize your fellow man is all you have on Earth and you should be inviting them into your life not excluding them.

Irrespective of what you believe all that I have said is true. Why else would we have received over 33,000 complaints from our young men and women in the military as to coercive Christian based proselytizing?

Perhaps it’s time for you to wake up a bit and smell the Christian problem.


The people you say you are receiving complaints from, which I might add, is a very small majority of our military, are more than likely disgruntled with military life and are looking for a way out. I work on a military installation and have worked on several military bases here and abroad for the past 42 years and I have never, I repeat, never, heard of any complaints from anyone about having religion forced upon them. All you guys do is go from base to base looking for any religious picture, signs, paintings, banners or bible verses and then cry foul and complain about the separation of church and state. So you can try and sugarcoat it anyway you like but we all know what you’re out to do.

I’m not the one who is bigoted or prejudice. You assholes need to look into the mirror and you’ll see the faces of bigotry and prejudice and bullshit. Do me a favor and go play in the sand and you and Mikey, and the rest of you useless scumbags can all sit around you offices and sing Kumbaya.

Have a nice day.
(name withheld)

(name withheld), I can see that you are lost to reason. You have allowed your beliefs to cloud all things secular.

MRFF initiates no contact with anyone. All complaints originate spontaneously from bona fide military personnel. 33,000 plus complaints may not seem significant to you but it indicates a problem which must be addressed before it grows to a point serious enough to broadly effect armed forces wide good order and discipline

I would carefully reread all that I have sent which may save you some trouble down the line with less forgiving protectors of the constitution
You have made religion an overbearing and all consuming pastime and like our Taliban friends, are likely to hurt somebody with it one day.

I respectfully conclude our communications.

Rick Baker

And I respectfully tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF.

(name withheld)

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