Mikey W

You jump at the chance to knock down anything that rings Christian . Have NOT heard your mouth run off against any other religious action at all . Sick of hearing from winers like you .

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Did you mean whiners rather than winers (sic)? I hate it when I have to help the ill-informed with their diatribes.

I am a Christian (Episcopalian in fact) who fully supports Mikey’s and MRFF’s attempt to protect members of the U.S. Military from unconstitutional religious influence in relation to their training, assignment, advancement and retention. Should fundamentalist of other religious faiths engage in the same type of activity within the U.S. Military, MRFF’s response will be exactly the same. You should also be aware that MRFF fully supports the military chaplaincy role in its passive (i.e. without proselytization) ministrations to the religious needs of all U.S. Service Members of any faith.

MRFF’s clients are made up of approximately 96% Christians who are sick of the Dominionist and Fundamentalists strains of the religion attempting to tell them they simply aren’t Christian enough. MRFF has, and will continue to, stand up when/if someone from a minority religious faith attempts the same unconstitutional activities as Christian Dominionists and Fundamentalists.

MRFF counts on its supporters, volunteers, AND DETRACTORS as the indispensable “eyes and ears” who alert us to egregious constitutional violations. Should you have an actual charge of unconstitutional religious influence in the U.S. Military by Muslim/Jewish/Hindu/Buddhist/Christian/etc., as opposed some nebulous accusation, you are encouraged to try us again at [email protected] MRFF stands ready to investigate and take action on any properly vetted complaint. This sincere invitation to all of our detractors is based on both our mission here at MRFF and our sincere desire to find even a sliver of usable intelligence.

Now you can jump at your chance to stop running off at the mouth regarding victimization of the Christian majority and help us with concrete examples of other faiths engaging in these activities within the U.S. Military. Your information will be vetting and acted upon promptly. In short, put up or shut up.

Andy Kasehagen

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