Veterans of the Vietnam War

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

Initially, I want to thank you and the MRFF for the good work being accomplished. My USAF duty was between 1966-70 and memories of being harangued by a Christian group called the Navigators for being Jewish at Ramstein AB, Germany. Basic training found myself and others who were neither Catholic nor Protestant handpicked for either the aforementioned religious services or back to the barracks to clean the latrine.

Secondly, I recently sent a letter to the Veterans of the Vietnam War, based in Pittson, PA, in regards to their magazine, the Veteran Leader, Edition 1-2 2012, which was stocked with Christian proselytizing. Mr. Peter J. Forbes, the National/AU Commander, was presented with the evidence and reminded that such could jeopardize their 501(c)3 status. Further, I let him know how disappointed I was as a lifetime member that such could be allowed particularly a statement the belief in the lord, Jesus Christ, could cure PTSD instead of therapy, etc. No answer was received.

Our shared concern is Christian fundamentalist dominionism which is engulfing our nation and institutions. Sadly, historical ignorance is rampant in an effort to prove the basis for this “doctrine” and justify the Christian nature of our nation founders. I have presented lectures and discussion regarding the secular nature of the USA founding much to the travail of some dedicated fundamentalists. Many were Freemasons, humanists and Deists. George Washington attended church once yearly and left it at that contrary to many myths.

Best Wishes,
(name withheld)

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