Bill Donohue is coming after you

Dear MRFF,

Jews against Catholics. Catholics against Jews. Same old Abrahamic religious warfare going on. Why not let non-Abrahamic religionists be at the helm of your org so we aren’t fighting for Jews against Catholics?

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

My name is Rick Baker and I’m a volunteer for MRFF. Mr. Weinstein is tied down on many issues at this time and has asked me to address your recent E-mail.

MRFF’s mission is to ensure religious freedom to each and every member of the Armed Forces irrespective of their beliefs.

Therefore we do not pit Catholics against Jews or any other combination Abrahamic or otherwise.

What may confuse the issue is the growing sect of militant Christians known as “Dominion Christians.” Operatives of this group have been infiltrating the military for some time and using their rank and position to exercise command centered and coercive extreme Christian based proselytizing against subordinates at our service academies, military training facilities and even combat zones.

MRFF is currently addressing over 34,000 complaints from our young men and women in the military. Fully 96% of these complainants are Christian, composed of Protestants and Catholics.. These young men and women have been co-opted and often forced to participate in the religious ceremonies and services of their dominionist supervisors.

Any actions by MRFF dealing with religion in the military are directed solely at the Dominionist faction, which does not take it lying down. We support the good Christian in the military who, by their actions, demonstrate a broad sense of religious tolerance. This often creates a spate of false dust ups between religions whose national leaders tend to be fiercely unilateral.

MRFF maintains informed communication with the Department of Defense, armed forces Chiefs of Staff and civilian government leaders. In these relationships we promote harmony and understanding between all faiths and are often attacked by some Christian extremists as “Muslim Lovers” and other ill-conceived names.

Please be assured that it is never our intent to pit one religion against another and I invite you to visit our web site at for a complete history of MRFF and our efforts.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer.

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