Lt. Col. Reyes

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

I understand that your organization has petitioned the military to punish Col. Reyes for quoting Dwight Eisenhower’s famous foxhole comment.

You people need immediate, intensive, professional care. However, if you were to seek psychological care, I still would not donate. The damage you’re doing may be irreversible as an essential for our politically correct national sickness.

Shame on you!!!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Chaplain Lt. Col. Reyes made no mention of Eisenhower nor ever claimed he was invoking the words of Eisenhower. Attempting to sanctify the false truism that “There are no atheists in foxholes” by invoking General Eisenhower leads to an environment within the U.S. Military that denigrates the combat service of atheists and projects a weakness of character onto atheists that leads to this type of administrative proceeding affecting the military careers of atheists:
The United States Marine Corps (USMC) maintains in its doctrine that a “Lack or loss of spiritual faith” is just cause to increase scrutiny of any given Marine. This clause is present in at least two USMC publications, including Marine Corps Base Quantico’s Headquarters and Service Battalion Order 5100.29 and Training and Education Command Order 5100.1.
“Lack or loss of spiritual faith” is included as a “Guidance/moral compass issue” in both of these documents under a list of risk indicators for use by “leaders at all levels” to “identify and address risky behavior or events that may lead to risky behavior, as soon as possible.” This apparent character flaw is juxtaposed with such things as “lack of courage,” “history of psychiatric hospitalizations,” “past or current substance abuse history,” and being “anti-social.” In the simplest terms, it is the current official position of the United States Marine Corps that those who do not profess a religious belief or choose to leave their religion are to be considered a potential hazard to themselves and the Corps and be placed under greater scrutiny than their peers.
The documents go on to include directives on how to convene a “Force Preservation Council” with the mission to evaluate and assist Marines that are identified as high risk through the checklist of undesirable traits (such as lack of religion).
(source: The United States Marine Corps Officially Declares ‘Lack of Spiritual Faith’ as a Sign of Instability, by Blake Page, Huffington Post, 7/25/2013)
An unconstitutional religious test by any other name is still an unconstitutional religious test. The combat service of an atheist, and there have been many, is no less valuable to the U.S. Military and the Constitution its members are sworn to uphold than Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Agnostics, whatever. .

Your attempt to use the phrase ‘politically correct’ as an epithet is an all to common song and dance tune employed by tantrum throwing members of a majority when a minority attempts to defend its civil rights. Nice try but sell it somewhere else, we not buying.

The shame is all yours.

Andy Kasehagen

Mr. Kasehagen, what does Col. Reyes not invoking Eisenhower have to do with the fact that it was an Eisenhower statement? Duh-h!

This argument is overwhelming evidence of just how sick you people are. Why you people are so insecure in your atheistic ideology is beyond me. There’s nothing to be ashamed of…really. Go on about your business being atheists in or out of a hail of bullets. Let those who are religious practice the tenets of their religious faith. That’s all, Mr. Kasehagen.

You speak of the “denigration” of atheism. I would strongly suggest that the “denigration of atheists” exists somewhere between your right ear and your left ear. I would also suggest that any “denigration” that might exist is no greater than it is for any religious faith.

It’s about time you grow up, Mr. Kasehagen, to realize that there is plenty of room, in and out of the military, for those who wish to proselytize on behalf of religion and on behalf of atheism.

Shame on you and your silliness!

(name withheld)

Your petulant reply (name withheld), is surely something any whiney 2-yr old could be proud of.

You appear to support a ‘Live and Let Live’ policy yet ignore any direct response to the USMC policy I cited that does anything but. How very gutless of you.

In closing, I won’t suggest you have anything between your right or left ear since you have provided overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Shame on you and your whiney petulance,

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