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I recently read about your organization and the events which took place concerning LtCol Reyes of the USAF. So you believe it is ok to silence people who have differing options from you because you do not share their beliefs? However you seemingly force your unwanted options upon many people.

I think you and your organization is deplorable, and as a former Marine, I agree with the USMC stance regarding faith and morals. You mission/charter statements read as:

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is a watchdog / advocacy group and civil rights organization whose stated goals are to ensure that members of the United States Armed Forces receive the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom to which they are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.”

However you seem like an off shoot to a Christian hate group, whose only real freedoms you are care about are those that promote your opinion and/or agenda.

I think you are all useless individuals that serve little to no purpose except continuing to support an agenda to further cause separation and division within this country. As I’m sure you are well aware cause such division within the military would be problematic to say the least. I can only guess no one within your organization has ever served in the military nor would understand that what you “believe” is a problem is only your opinion.

I find the relationship between your founder and the president and Secretary of Defense concerns and think you people will not stop until the military is ruined. The day will come when the US needs a strong military but Politically Correct, stick up their ass do nothing except complain individuals like yourselves will have completely rendered it useless. Then I guess you will be happy.

I see your organization in the same light as the Westboro Baptist Church, and everyone knows they are scum too.

Best of luck to you and your selfish endeavors.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I’m not sure just what you read about “events which took place concerning LtCol Reyes of the USAF,” but it clearly wasn’t one of the many articles thanking and congratulating the MRFF for calling into question his use of an inappropriate, government-sanctioned forum for his proselytizing.

No, we do not “believe it is ok to silence people who have differing options from (us) because (we) do not share their beliefs.” If you had taken the time to read a bit about the work of the MRFF instead of simply citing its mission statement and accusing us of duplicity without any grounds but your shallow assessment of one incident you didn’t understand, and if you had taken the time to research and understand why it is that Lt. Colonel Reyes’ essay was both incorrect and inappropriately placed, you might have saved yourself the embarrassment of sounding so stupidly judgmental.

As a former Marine myself, and a member of the MRFF’s Advisory Board, I have to admit I’m unclear about what you call the “USMC stance regarding faith and morals,” but I’m willing to bet it doesn’t countenance forcing a specific religious belief on the men and women in the armed forces.

As to the rest of your petty insults, they only reinforce the glaring depth of the ignorance with which you armed yourself before mistyping out this little screed. A few minutes looking at the MRFF website, seeing the names and ranks of those involved, reading the vile and disgusting attacks from your fellow non-thinkers, and poring over the glowing words of gratitude from men and women in the armed services today who have suffered threats, demotions, being passed up, threatened and ridiculed because they failed to be the RIGHT KIND OF CHRISTIAN might give you pause for thought. But maybe I give you too much credit.

If you’d like to know more about the real danger to the military you want us to believe you care so much about, take the time to look. Or, of course, you can always keep sitting on your judgmental little throne and taking potshots and calling names at people and organizations you know nothing about and think of yourself as some sort of macho hero for having done so.

That doesn’t, however, sound like the Marines I served with.

Mike Farrell

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