Re: Swift MRFF Victory, HuffPost, and New “Hate Mail” Video

Very Well said. As a Sioux Indian, the military world should realize the danger of religious extremism. My 11 brothers and sisters were forced to attend Religious Reservation Boarding Schools and consequently received inadequate education/life preparation as proven by none of them entering college due to the Jesus, Jesus, focus of the missionary ran schools. All 6 brothers served and 5 saw combat. There are no Jesus questions on job applications and fortunately on my Marine Corps enlistment papers when I was 17. I wound up with a law degree eventually due to receiving the same education as white kids from public school. In my time, no superior enlisted or officer attempted to grade me in accordance whether I believed in Jesus or not. As a Marine Corps F-4 combat pilot much later, it was well understood by my superiors that I was a traditional believing (non-Christian) Sioux Indian. Cross Country training was a requisite of our training schedule and twice I flew back to Ellsworth AFB, rented a light plane from Rapid City Municipal and flew down to a gravel strip at my reservation to watch a spiritual proceeding. Upon return, my commanding officer was respectfully awed when I related as to what the Sun Dance was all about. I made major rank in less than 13 yrs so obviously no commanding officer ever graded me regarding my spiritual belief/non-belief. But that was the Marine Corps who I believe are more concerned about their primary focus – Military Preparation and not detached/detoured by morale destroying, destructive sucking Religious Nut Zealots.

(name withheld)

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