the sooner you croak jewboy

mikey WHINERstien the jewboy demonkike the sooner you die and burn in hell the sooner The Lamb returns. and the sooner your she bitch wife traitor dies and burns with you the sooner the Angels of Christ Jesus will sing. and your diseased sons and daughters who are the spwan of satan? the sooner they die and burn in the Lake of Fire with there parents of Perdition the sooner The Messiah will rule. and the soonest that all of your evil mffr soldiers of satan die and are cast to hell the sooner will come Peace on Earth.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I am an MRFF volunteer. I read your recent e-mail to Mr. Weinstein.

During my military career, I thought I had seen the worst humanity has to offer. I was wrong. Your E-Mail to MRFF, with all of its hate laced contents is thus far in contention to make you one of the worst.

Do you realize how you have twisted the intent of Jesus message of peace and love? Do you not understand that your thoughts and deeds far more qualify you for a tour in Hell than Mr. Weinstein?

You have condemned yourself by one of the most specious crimes against Jesus possible which is to believe yourself greater than He. If pride precedes a fall you are tumbling head over heels right now.

Your smug and self satisfied tone reveals much about your puffed up self-image and your judgmental attack on Mr. Weinstein’s family of whom you have no knowledge and whom you have condemned out of hand.

You are mean spirited and hardly a candidate for membership in a true Christian community.

My advice is for you to take some time to examine your heart for your true convictions and if they be the kind you displayed in your letter, I would seek some help.

In disrespect,

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer.

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