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Dear Mr. Weinstein,

I had to write after watching your interview with Ms. Kelly on Fox and seeing the article about your efforts to remove any reference to God within our military or military oaths. You, the few, are so concerned about people having to take that oath, yet you are the only one crying and whining about it!!!! How about asking military how they feel about taking that oath? Are they distraught about it? Are they upset about it? I’m sure the ones who don’t want to include the oath about God, would be just fine if given the option to leave it out. But that’s not enough. And that’s the funny thing about people like you, you are not satisfied until your dictator line of thinking is imposed on everyone else!!!!!

Shame on you and your organization Mr. Weinstein. Stop imposing your anti-religious rants on everyone else please!!!!


(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I have been asked to respond to your email on behalf of MRFF, as Mikey is very busy, protecting our service members from — sad to say — people like you.

You would do well to look in a mirror. You see, imposing religion on others, whether they want it or not, is the dictatorial way. Leaving it out, so any may add it if they, as a personal choice, wish to do so, is the American way.

Were you to bother looking into the situation for yourself, you might google far enough to find that over 35,000 military members have personally reached out to Mikey for protection against just this sort of thing, and you know what? Ninety-six percent of them are Christians — that’s 33,600 individuals, not to mention their families, for those who live on base or have access for shopping and activities.

They’re not reaching out to Mr. Sekulow nor Ms. Kelley for this help, and they’ve tried or recognize particular involvement of, and therefore risk of trying, reaching out to their chain of command, MEO, OIG, and other offices for help. Indeed, the vast majority require anonymity for their safety, and Mikey makes sure they have it. He would rather protect them than hang them out to dry just to appease you with their names, ranks, etc.

Either you stand behind our service members to protect them from government-enforced religion, or you join in the thrust of religion down their throats. I ask you to be honest with yourself, research this issue for yourself, read our MRFF mission and see the examples Mikey has been free to publicize, and stand for our troops, regardless of religion. Protect their freedoms, just as they serve to protect ours.

A staunch MRFF supporter and military veteran

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to respond. However, I find your statistics very interesting to say the least. I love how you conveniently throw these numbers around but don’t have anything to back it up. There are over 700,00 service members between active and reserve. So what about the rest of their rights? I hope you understand how hypocritical this sounds, imposing your lack of faith on every one else. Atheism is a form of religion and you are trying to impose your belief system on everyone else!!! Atheism is the only religion that spends all of their time, energy, and resources fighting a God whom they don’t even believe in.

People should have the choice regarding saying that part of the oath or not. You don’t want them to have a choice. And there are plenty of people reaching out to the ACLJ. Mr. Sekulow is working to free many individuals who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs in countries like Iran and Egypt among others. You might try googling that. It seems very cowardly hiding behind your anonymity and computer screen. I had the balls to give you my name at least. I stand up for what I believe in.

I wish your organization would use their efforts to genuinely help people instead of pushing their personal political and media agendas on everyone else. We are a country where you are free to worship as you choose, which is what the Christian founding fathers meant in the Constitution, they did not mean for this country to be anti-religious which is what you people have tried to twist and turn it into. Y’all are masters of constitutional distortion.

This line made me laugh, “He would rather protect them than hang them out to dry just to appease you with their names, ranks, etc.” How about trying to protect the real victims of religious persecution!!!! There are thousands across the globe. Our country doesn’t’ have any clue about true religious persecution. You might want to google what is happening outside of our American bubble!!!!

Perhaps someday your organization and ‘Mikey’ will channel its efforts to help the real victims of religious persecution and make a real difference in saving lives like Mr. Sekulow has.


(name withheld)

P.S. I live in a military city, firmly support all of our military veterans and will be eternally grateful for their service to our country and to the world, and I am a financial supporter of our Wounded Warriors. Thank you for your service as well, I just respectfully adamantly disagree with your views 🙂 But that is one of the beautiful things about being an American. We can agree to disagree. Wishing you all the best.

(name withheld)

p.p.s. And my dad proudly served our country as well.

Dear (name withheld),

I served, my father served, my nephew served. We do not share your personal religious beliefs, and we proudly exert our rights to not have them forced on us. As you served, think back and imagine how your peers and chain of command would have eyed you for not bowing your head, not reciting The Lord’s Prayer, not swearing to their God at the end of their oath… Now, multiply that by a few tens, because the Dominionists do. Indeed, they would take someone as spirited and spiritual as you, try to turn you into an arm-twisting, vengeful evangelical, and if you didn’t comply, they would come after you, next. I saw this for myself, and I am still under attack. That is why I do not give my name.

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