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I find it hard to believe that any organization that claims to support freedom and our military would be pushing to eliminate GOD from everyone. Particularly because a few misguide, selfish little people are offended. Freedom is about being able to chose what you want, not have it dictated to you by a few.

I heard am angry self righteous man on TV last night named Mikey. He had no valid point. Article 6 already allows people to not say “under God” if they do not want to. Once again you have no point.

Also, all these positions are volunteer positions. No one is forced to join our armed forces.

Since your only purpose is to eliminate our rights as Americans, perhaps you should consider moving to a different country where they will not say under god. Perhaps Iran would welcome you. You certainly have no concept of what it is to be free, everyone is free, not just small self righteous groups that cannot be contacted directly.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I am a Christian (Episcopalian in fact) who fully supports Mikey’s and MRFF’s attempt to protect members of the U.S. Military from unconstitutional religious influence in relation to their training, assignment, advancement and retention. In supporting MRFF’s efforts, I defend both my Christian faith and my Constitution proudly and equally. I simply don’t feel compelled to defend one at the expense of the other.

MRFF wholeheartedly agrees with the one lonely nugget of truth contained in your tantrum; “Also, all these positions are volunteer positions. No one is forced to join our armed forces.” Based on this fact and assuming your hyperventilation is the result of reporting/interviewing by Meghan Kelly and/or some other equally fine journalist I offer this reply:

Ms. Kelly, and others, contended that individuals taking the oath at the Air Force Academy (among others) could simply leave ‘those words’ (So Help me God) off on their own. Logically then, Ms. Kelly obviously feels those words are clearly extraneous and therefore essentially meaningless to the oath. Why are they included in the government’s oath then? Additionally, if they are meaningless, why all the worry and ‘pearl clutching’ in light of the commendable objective of limited government intrusion usually expressed by Ms. Kelly?

Now consider the reverse of what Ms. Kelly said; that individuals taking the oath could simply add ‘those words’ on their own (this was Mikey’s point to Ms. Kelly but you may have not been able to hear during the interview as Ms. Kelly continued to listen with her mouth). Have individual members of the military been denied this personal ability when completing their require oaths? If you are aware of this happening, please let us know here at MRFF, we’ll jump all over that government intrusion into religious faith just as vigorously. Personally, my Christian faith in God and Jesus do not require government prompting for expression.

Now let’s consider the no harm/no foul concept while replacing ‘those words’ in a required government oath with ‘So help me Allah’. So help me Jehovah? So help me Vishnu? Buddha? Flying Spaghetti Monster?….etc. How’s your comfort level now? Any objections being included in a required government oath?

The same Constitution that gives you the right to say what you say also prohibits religious establishment and tests. When a government prompts religious expression through the use of extraneous and meaningless words in a required oath; what other purpose can it logically have than support/establish or test for a preferred religious response when there is absolutely no prohibition against an individual’s expression of such religious faith after taking such oath?

Actually a country like Iran would be very welcoming to you with their government sponsored religion of another flavor. MRFF stands up for its clients against those who would turn the U.S. into a Christian flavored Iran which so many Dominionists seek to obtain. It actually takes some guts to maintain a secular democratic republic like ours against any religious majority. Don’t believe me or the U.S. Constitution? Check out the Middle East after the ‘Arab Spring’ where I heard it was in our national security interest to promote secular government over theocracies.

Finally, since you felt justified to raise the issue of cowardice let me ask…Are you too gutless to help maintain a secular democratic republic? Too hypocritical? Both?

Andy Kasehagen

p.s. Feel free to use our website and contact page ( next time you feel weak from tantrum induce hyperventilation…most find it quite easy to calmly contact us.

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