I am praying for you

Dear Mikey Weinstein,

I am a Christian, and I guess you would call me an evangelist, although I am
not truly that, but at the same time I would like for all people to have the
gift of eternal life, no matter who they are or what kind of life they have

When I first heard about you and what you have been asking the Pentagon to
enforce in the military, I thought you were an atheist. But I have felt
something about you that God was calling me to pray about. I have no clue
as to why this should be so, but it is. I look at your face and I see
unhappiness, unforgiveness, angst and other emotions I am not able to put a
name to. I thought you hated Christians because they believe in God, and
now I have found out by reading different articles, that you in fact, are
upset with religious persecution, harrassment and other similar treatment
that you and your family have endured. Anyone who does this things is not a
Christian in any sense of the word and they cannot possibly know God or His
Son Jesus or they would not say or do those things. I myself grew up in
some Jewish neighborhoods in the Chicago area and always considered them
very loving, compassionate and also friendly people. I also have a
granddaughter who is Russian Jewish on her mother’s side, and to say I have
a love for the country of Israel is an understatement, because I believe the
Jewish people to be the Chosen People of God, of the God of Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob and that anyone who curses them will themselves be cursed.

Why you don’t think religion, Bibles, or even praying in the military should
be allowed is not clear to me, especially when there is no military law
against it that I know of, and specifically it does not come against our US
Constitution. I agree that nobody should ever be forced to accept God or
even Jehovah by anyone and that nobody should ever be forced to pray either,
it should be a choice and not a command, except when it comes to God
commanding it.

I would like to have you explain to me why you are so adamant about trying
to correct what Pentagon and military leaders are doing in regards to people
who wish to have a Bible on their desk or on their bunk or even carrying it
around with them, or even praying in public and what other areas you might
also be concerned about.

I have 4 brothers and 3 of them have been in the Air Force, my father was in
the Army, I had two uncles who were Bombardiers in WWII and who lost their
lives just prior to the end of that war, and also a nephew who has served in
the Marine Corps; so I come from quite a military family. I would hate to
think that any of them treated people as you said you and your son were
treated in the military, and I don’t truly know if they have, but I would
not be vary happy about it if they have done those things.

I am sorry for intruding into your life, and even if you choose not to
respond to this e-mail, I will not be offended, but I will continue praying
for you, and also your family, regardless.

I will end with a prayer for God’s blessing upon you and your family and
say Shalom!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has read your email and asked me to respond to you.

My heart leapt for joy reading your email because it is rare to get one such
as yours that is not filled with hatred, death threats and anti-Semitic

Mikey considers himself a Jagnostic; a Jewish agnostic. He prays 3 times a
day under the Jewish tradition.

An agnostic does not deny the existence of God and heaven but holds that one
cannot know for certain whether or not they exist.

I’m sorry that you and other Christians have been misled by the media,
organizations, speakers and churches. I hope to clear that up for you.

MRFF is made up of more than just Mikey. There is Blake (the Assistant to
the President), the Board, the Advisory Board, volunteers and supporters. In
fact, 75% of those involved with MRFF are Christian. A full 96% of our
almost 35,000 soldier clients (1 can represent more than 50) are Christian –
Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodist, Lutherans, Baptists, Evangelicals, etc.

It is our military that is under attack and it is by an extreme form of
Christianity better known as the Evangelical/Fundamentalist/Dominionist
right wing, sad to say.

US Army chaplain MAJ James Linzey, who, in a 1999 video, described
mainstream Protestant churches as “demonic, dastardly creatures from the pit
of hell “that should be “stomped out.”

This is the thinking of the military of today throughout the chain of
command all the way to the Pentagon. They believe that the only “true”
Christian is one that is “born-again” and has a “spiritual birthday.” All
mainline Christians (see above) are destined to hell.

If you belong to one of the mainline Christian churches mentioned above,
then we are fighting for you, too.

We fight for the rights of all soldiers under the Constitution and military

Military Chaplains – not Commanders or those in leadership positions – are
in charge of the spiritual needs of their soldiers in each denomination and
must have tolerance and acceptance for all faiths in deference to their own
personal religious convictions. In addition to personal tolerance, military
Chaplains must ensure religious freedom or lack thereof for all soldiers
according to the 2nd Amendment.

“. . . no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any
office or public trust under the United States.” (Article VI, Section III)

Our military is a government entity and must remain secular. Any person that
wants to don the uniform of a branch of our military is free to do so with
the express admonition from the Constitution to not exalt one religion over

The reason it seems that we are against Christianity is because it is the
ONLY religion that is FORCING itself on others in the military. If it were
the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. we would be fighting against them just
as hard.

Yes, Mikey did start fighting against the religious persecution of his
children and remembered his own experience, but soon there were others
calling. What he once thought was a short time running interference for his
children blossomed into the Military Religious Freedom Foundation because he
could not turn away others crying out for help.

Imagine being in the military and being told that it has the right to
proselytize you anytime and anywhere to accept their form of Christianity as
the only true one; that you must bow your head and listen to ONLY a
Christian prayer at mandatory events; that you are a Warrior for Christ;
that you are government paid missionaries; that you must cleanse the whole
world of other religions and atheists so Jesus can come back and rule 1,000
years; and that your very career, advancements and retainment is based on
that religion.

This is what we fight for. Our mainline Christians, those of other religions
and atheists should not have their careers held hostage by a “religious
test” against the Constitution.

The Air Force has explicit rules on religious neutrality.


Air Force Instruction 1-1

7 August 2012

2.11. Government Neutrality Regarding Religion. Leaders at all levels must
balance constitutional protections for an individual’s free exercise of
religion or other personal beliefs and the constitutional prohibition
against governmental establishment of religion. For example, they must avoid
the actual or apparent use of their position to promote their personal
religious beliefs to their subordinates or to extend preferential treatment
for any religion. Commanders or supervisors who engage in such behavior may
cause members to doubt their impartiality and objectivity. The potential
result is a degradation of the unit’s morale, good order, and discipline.
Airmen, especially commanders and supervisors, must ensure that in
exercising their right of religious free expression, they do not degrade
morale, good order, and discipline in the Air Force or degrade the trust and
confidence that the public has in the United States Air Force.

We are not anti-Christian but believe that religion should be left up to the
Chaplains and out of the hands of the Commanders and command structure.

There is more going on here than just having a bible on a desk. More times
than not, it is used to proselytize anyone walking into that office on a
one-on-one basis. The soldiers are not free to just walk out of a superior’s
office or state that they don’t want to hear it.

Our military is secular and must remain that way and include all walks of
life. If they don’t, then we step in.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. I will get
back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for praying for Mikey. It is much appreciated.

And, you have not intruded because we welcome the chance to help people such
as yourself understand the true workings of MRFF.

May God bless your socks off!

Pastor Joan

I was both surprised and pleased to receive your response to my e-mail. I am saddened by the fact that so many so-called Christians profess to know Jesus Christ and then they come against those who don’t in a very antagonistic way and very un-Christianlike. There is a church in Kansas who also are the same when it comes to homosexuals. None of these people are truly followers of Jesus Christ, who would not treat people they way they are. I am almost ashamed at times to call myself Christian, but on the other hand, I try my best to show His love for all people, regardless of their religous belief or unbelief, He does not want any to be lost. But to insist that people have to pray or to insist that they are “killers of Jesus”, simply shows their ignorance, and they do need to be forgiven for that. I pray for the Jewish people who don’t know Jesus as well as the Muslims because we are all God’s children. I was trying to learn Hebrew but I found I don’t have the time to do it so have just let t go.

I am going to be 80 years old next June, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior 12 years ago and I love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and without him I would just be sitting home not doing much of anything, and perhaps not even still alive today. I know His plan for all of us, which is why I have been praying for Mikey and now I will include his family and all of you, and that plan is for all of us to have eternal life in heaven. I do not believe anyone can or should be forced to accept Him, and He nor our Father want that from anyone. That is exactly why we were all given free will. Yes, I consider myself born-again, and like it says in the Bible, the only way we can receive eternal life is to be born-again, but a person would have to believe the Bible to be the inerrant and infallable Word of God to believe that, which I do. I belong to a church where most of us there believe the same but we also have some who I don’t think truly know Jesus either even though they attend church regularly. I have heard this said and it is used now and then, “Sitting in a church does not make one a Christian, anymore than sitting in a garage makes one a car.”

Unfortunately I have a brother who I believe is a little to forceful in his pursuit of winning souls for Jesus of those who do not believe, but I also do not believe He feels they should be forced to do this or that they need to be called hurtful and ugly names either. I simply try to show that Jesus lives within me by the way I treat everyone and if I have an opportunity to talk to them about Jesus I will do so but not obtrusively nor forcefully and not if I feel they prefer I not do that. I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me in all that I say and do.

I cannot say that I truly approve of MRFF and what it is doing but I can understand the motives. Nothing can ever be gained by hatred or forcing our opinions and beliefs upon anyone else. Perhaps I am a Pollyanna, but I like to believe the best in everyone.

My prayers will continue for you all and I thank you for your response to my message; you may not like what I will be praying, but I will be praying for all to come to a closer understanding of just who jesus Christ is and also the Father and the Holy Spirit. I have had many miracles happen in my life and I have even had a close encounter with an angel, although I did not see him, but I know they exist. I have had a daughter I gave up for adoption when I was 18 be reunited with me 7 years ago along with her family, and only God could have arranged that.

I realize we have many different beliefs and opinions as well as ideas about who Jesus really is, but that does not mean we cannot agree to disagree.

I offer up my prayers to God and His Son Jesus Christ for blessings upon you all, and that one day you will understand more clearly what I have believed for 12 years now.

God bless,

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I, too, am an Evangelical, born again, spirit filled Christian. I accepted Jesus on April 1, 1971. And, there are others.

We are not against Evangelical’s but an off-shoot of it called Dominionism. They want dominion over everyone and everything whereas Evangelicals like you and me believe we do not have to force our way on anyone because it is the Holy Spirit that woos the lost.

I, like you, was a Pollyanna when I first came on board with MRFF. It didn’t take long to see the hatred, lies, death threats and anti-Semitism coming from these Dominionist Christians. They do not play nice and lack the Fruit of the Spirit.

Prayer is a personal thing between that person and their God. We appreciate your prayers and in return, I will pray that the Lord continue to bless you in many ways.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Joan

Amen to that “Sister”, too bad there are not more of us out there but we know God chooses remnants rather than large groups in order to reveal His glory. I am so blessed to be called according to His purpose. There are so many false prophets, pastors and so-called Christians out there and we need to be “meek as doves and wise as serpents.”

Let me know any time you have any special prayer requests and I will be glad to pray for them. Somehow I feel God led me to do what I did in contacting MRFF, because i know things do not happen by accident or coincidences. I trust completely in Him and always will.

blessings to all of you,

(name withheld)

Sister (name withheld),

I knew when I read your email that you were precious in God’s eye. I felt your sweet, gentle Spirit coming through in your words.

I, too, am blessed and called according to His purpose. After a lifetime of doing His will in other venues, I was asked to become a part of MRFF. This is where I now belong – amongst a group of wonderful people. I get to respond to the hateful Christians with the true Word of God.

I also don’t believe in coincidences and it was His will that you contact us. He works in mysterious ways and I am grateful that He put you into my life.

If you don’t mind, please pray for my back. I was severely injured in 1996 at work and my sacroiliac joint sometimes goes out of whack when I do something stupid. Usually it goes back in 3 days but this has been going on for 7 weeks now. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

I’m giving you a well-deserved virtual hug.

Pastor Joan

I just prayed for you and I hope you will be feeling that healing power when you read this e-mail. I just realized I need to go back and read the original e-mails so I know where you all are located. I am in Hawaii and have lived here 10 years, moved here from Western Slope of Colorado – Delta County, and before that from Alaska where my husband and I lived for 25 years, and before that Illinois where I grew up, and before that Minnesota where I was born. I have been a widow for 7 years as of the 26th of April and my husband is waiting for me in heaven, but almost didn’t make it because he just became born-again 3 months before he died. God is so good and was able to encourage my husband to come to Jesus before it was too late. I have 2 daughters and one son, 7 grand children and 12 great grandchildren.

Blessings Sister Joan,
(name withheld)

Thank you, my sweet Sister, for your prayer!

My, you sure have been in many places. Hawaii is a beautiful place and I’m sure you are enjoying it.

I am so happy for you that you have peace of mind on your husband.

You have me beat because I have 6 children and 13 grandchildren right now. My youngest 2 – which are twins (boy and girl) – are not married yet (my daughter is getting married next year) so there are going to be more grandchildren in the future.

Blessings to you, too, Sister (name withheld),

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